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Day 365: The Last one

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When I started this 365-day blogging challenge,  my goal was to end it around April-May of 2016 so as to commemorate the 10th anniversary of my blog, which was on 17th April 2016. However, due to many personal issues and hurdles, I couldn't complete it last year. Instead, it ends today.

When I began my blogging journey in 2006, it was in a nascent stage in India. The blog culture was just catching up. I was not that good at writing and was actually stuck in a box to even choose the blog title or name. This space has helped me reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses. I have found friends in strangers and writing has helped me find myself. I am surprised at myself to see a 10-year-old blog and since I hadn't accomplished as much as I wanted during these many years, I decided to do this 365-day challenge to test my own strength.

If I were to rate myself in the past one year or more, I would not call myself that successful. I have taken many a number of breaks during this writing challenge. I took the first break during the period of 10th August 2015 to 9th September 2015. The year 2016 saw a lot of breaks and that is why my series had to extend to the beginning of 2017. I did not write between 24th March to 29th March 2016. In April I barely did one post. It is bad considering that was the year I wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary. I did not write until August 2016 and did a short period of August until 25th August. Post that I went into a hibernation period until Jan 1st, 2017.

It was not that I did not write at all during this period. I used to write but a lot of personal issues kept me away and the pace was hard. I did write and leave a few notes once a while in my drafts section.  Looking back, I should have fought my excuses and fought to finish it by 2016. Having said that, I am truly glad that I am ending it at least now.

The entire journey has been an amazing one so far and doing a 'blog-a-day' challenge for a year has helped me realize a lot of things about myself. As a writer, I found out how hard it is to keep up this momentum and write every day. I have always loved writers and books and great essays always interest me. My respect for people in this profession has increased tenfold post this journey. I have always wanted to become a writer someday and doing this has kind of shaken my spirits about it. I hope it happens one day and I fight my fear too. I have understood what interests me as a writer and when I can write well. Despite all the personal issues I have had writing is one tool that helps me calm down and stay grounded.

This would not be a great final post without saying thanks to a lot of things in my life. The first thank you is to my hubby for tolerating my constant nagging to read my posts. He did it at least during the first 100. Well, poor him, he had no other go. Then to my FIL who has been kind enough to write and leave suggestions and feedback every time I wrote a post. He was following it when I used to post it as a public post. I stopped it half way through and I am not sure if he had a chance to read the later posts. But whenever I have told him about my posts, he surely did read them. So, a big thank you to him. Thanks to my mom and dad (occasionally) for listening to my poetry read before or after I posted them here. Thanks to the rest of my family too for being encouraging and reading it whenever they could. Then thanks to a wonderful friend, Sandy who has been a loyal reader since the beginning and when I used to do the posts regularly she would leave a text message or a call telling me her comments.  Of course, she still hasn't followed my advice to start her own blog or leave a comment for the rest of the world to see. Then I need to thank my wonderful readers like you who have been kind enough to spend time on my page and patiently read the stories I have to narrate. Anyways, I hope to see you again with more posts in the future or with even a new blog. 
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