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Day 312: Happy New Year 2017!

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Happy New Year. So, we have already walked into the next year. One more year around the sun. And it is 2017. Now, 2020 doesn't seem that far away and 2010 seems like very much in the past. So, whenever I say not so long ago, I was back home working, it is now over 7 years. The social media sites and other means of communication makes these moments seem so seamless that I always miss out on the timeline and still believe that things that happened in 2010 was just in the recent past. Well, that takes me to the last year's challenge I set for myself. For the blog's 10th birthday, I wanted to write a #365day post and I should have completed it last August. However, my journey took a sudden halt with a lot on my plate and it didn't get done. It was so erratic that I did not even write a post on the 10th birthday! Now time has just moved ahead and the blog is turning 11 in 2017. The last post was 311th one and I am only 54 posts short of completing this challenge. I plan on completing this well before the 11th birthday and in a month and a half (mid Feb), I will wrap up with my 365th post.

So, this time it is a new year promise - the one I don't (and will not) break. #365dayblogpostcontinues

Here is my first new year post. Inspired by a concert I attended on New Year's eve, here is a short poem for the new year.

Playing the notes on the strings, 
together in a symphony, 
all orchestrated by the dance of hands. 
No questions asked, none posed, 
just plain beautiful wave of hands, 
and lo! the music flowed. 
Like the smiling marigolds, 
and shining opal stones, 
some with sad undertones
like a lost and flustered soul, 
and yet at times with a glint of hope. 

That is what kept the music flowing 
and kept us going. 

So, on a hopeful note, here is a new year's wish to all of you- Let the new innings be a joy to begin, let the new day begin with a sparkle of the stardust from heaven, let the walk in the woods help you find yourself, and the let the days to unfold be a reason to feel proud and happy with oneself.

Wishing you all a happy, hopeful, joyful, and beautiful new year!

I also hope that I can complete my goals- professional and personal, I can keep this blog alive or begin new ones too, learn a new language, read more, write more, sing and record, encourage everyone, spread more positive thoughts, give thanks and be grateful to the many blessings I receive, cook new and healthy food, try out newer restaurants to eat, doodle happiness, watch more good movies, make new friends, take a lot more pictures of happy moments and make memories with my loved ones.

Good night y'all!
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