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Day 306: Most beautiful things in this world

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"What are the most beautiful things in this world?", asked a little child.
"Ah! well, the list is long, really very long." , said I, 
Do you have the patience to listen and hold on?
"Yes, I do", said she. 
I smiled,  "I will first tell you all that I have been told, 
and then will narrate all that I uphold."

Listen, oh, little girl, 
I was told it was in places to go by a long way, 
Like the light blue shores in the Caribbean isles, 
and the beautiful Icelandic summer nights. 
It was also in the streets of Tokyo, 
and the serene charm of Canadian winter snow. 
Some said it was the street food in Bangkok, 
and yet others claimed that it was the chaat masalas of India. 
The haute couture in Milan fashion show, 
or for a few, the royal palaces of big Europe. 
I was confused just like you, for,
all these are places afar very distant from my present home .
But what if I wanted to enjoy a few beautiful things,
should I go this far or are they just within my reach?

I shared with her all about the beautiful
and divine ones I found at home.
For me it was her innocent smile,
and the laughter of that little child.
That joyful hug of my dear mother,
and the soft kiss from my significant other.
The beaming face of my dad in my presence,
and my sibling's hugs are always pleasant.
That smile and chatter of my family and friends,
all in that little cozy nest we call our den.

I also love the sudden rains lashing my patio,
and the first rays of sun touching my windows.
That one text message from a good old friend,
and the happy voices of my dear loved ones.
The hardworking farmer by his farm,
and the smile of that stranger that works like a charm.
The joy of seeing a newborn in hand,
be it puppies, kittens, or the humans and all.
I love the smell of a home cooked meal,
with a book in hand and a singing heart .
Those happy sleeps and grateful thoughts,
and love that is sweet like a honey spot.

I think it is really hard to choose just one,
as we are blessed with a lot under sun.
This world itself is a delicate creation
that the simplest of things are like a song set in tune.
Little girl, I tell you,
Always remember what lady Keller once said,
the most beautiful things cannot be seen or heard,
they can only be felt by a true good heart.

© Meena Arvind 2016

This poem is dedicated to my hubby 'A' who is my best friend and soul mate. 
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