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Day 305: Happy Birthday India

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Dear India,

Happy birthday. How wonderful it is to say that you turn 70 today. However, I'm not sure if I should only celebrate your birthday as 70. Yes, it makes you young, younger than many other countries around on this big blue world. But aren't you an old soul? Haven't you lived long enough to have seen the rise and fall of many civilizations, many empires, and culture? Haven't you gone through the seasons and eras with so much grit and calmness that you are now the wisest in this world? You are young to be 70 but you are wise to be the oldest living country in this world. 

The new birthday that you celebrate is like a second birth/chance. This is an entirely new India which is completely 'confused' about its own identity as a place. The seeds sown by the wily British East India has really held its place in this ground. How can it not? Isn't your land so fertile and quick to offer space and life to anyone who seeks refuge? Isn't your land so beautiful and vast that you let cultures blend to form new ones and still retain the old? But the seeds sown by the 'trespassers' hasn't gone in vain. It has gone ahead and grown to form the various 'evils' in our society. A society that is now lost in the vagaries of social norms. A society that is now lost to the facades of distressed souls. A society that is divided in things that cannot be told. I'm sure you want to calm your folks down. Well, I know it is not just the fault of the these trespassers. It is also the fault of your own 'children' in the past who watered and harvested the 'evil' plants. May be, your leaders could have played a different game and stopped it all. Or may be not. 

You want to let people know that we are only lost for we are soddened in problems around. But it is hard to make your folks understand.  Your folks are pushing you to lead a new race, a race where the fastest survive, the pompous stand out, the shrewdest outlive. I know that you truly don't like this race. I know you don't need to win this race. You are certain about what it takes to be a leader. But your great great..... grand children today don't understand that. They are after that philosopher's stone that is nowhere to be found. They are chasing a wild dream that is selfish and rooted to the seeds sown by your trespassers. 

Your children and grand children are young, able, and determined. I'm one of them but just like the many others, I'm living in that land that was wrongly assumed to be India at one time. Yes, the land Columbus mistook to be the land of spice and riches. I am celebrating the joy of 'being Indian' by being away from you. I surely miss you and miss the beautiful place where even chaos is orderly. I miss my beautiful family and the vibrant colors you spread around with your vastness and majesty. But I recognize the true sense of being Indian by being far away from you. I not only recognize your beauty but also the crudeness by living this far. It is similar to how I experience the coarseness of this land as much as I seem to enjoy its charm. 

It tells me one thing. Every country is struggling. We are in such times now and every country is evolving. It should not be a race to see who leads up to be the first. It should not be a race to see who is wielding the highest power. It should be a united stand on how this world can progress, how its people can thrive, and how each of us help to blend and exchange the good from each other. I know you agree with that as that is what you have been doing for long.  I know you are trying to shake away the evils planted by a few overstayed guests, guests who now look up to us for what we are and what we will become.  Happy birthday to you once again. Wishing you a beautiful journey ahead and may the billion hearts that live there work to discover that India that you long to become. I promise, I will play my part even if I am far away from you. 

An Indian who thinks of herself to be a global citizen. 
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