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Day 303: Being Kind

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"In a world where you can be anything, be kind." I don't know who is that great soul who penned this quote. Probably a line from someone's work, or may be a status message that got viral on the internet. It doesn't matter as to who wrote this beautiful and very revenant quote, all that matters is how do we follow it in our life.

Every one of us are going through something that is sometimes hard, incomprehensible, and difficult to be shared with people. Some of them try to shout out loud and fight it in the open ground. But most others (including me) keep it concealed and try to find solace on their own. Thus it is difficult to understand what everybody is going through until you decide to take a walk in their shoes. So don't go assuming things about people and forming judgements. And most of all, don't be rude and mock fun of people even if they do perform or act in a way that looks funny for you. For every person you point out and judge and body shame, all you know they might be fighting a disease. If you mock at another for not following a disciplined routine (or what you call as discipline) you never know why they go sleepless at nights. Yes, it might concern you if the person is very near and dear to you but all you can and should do then is see if you can help them in any ways or talk to them to solve their problem. Beyond that mocking fun, ridiculing, putting them down, stereotyping is all totally disgusting. So, before you jump to conclusion and assume things about people you see and mock fun of, or judge, stop yourself. We end up hurting people even when we don't intend to do so. So deliberate mocking can really leave deep scars that can sometimes come back as a boomerang.

I remember an incident that I watched on television a few years ago. One popular reality music show in Asianet telecast their special finale in a big city (I don't remember the place). The event had the performers showcase their best numbers to win the coveted title of 'Idea Star Singer'. The show gained popularity not just because of its participants and format but also due to its energetic and vibrant anchor, Ranjani Haridas. She is a bold, beautiful, and stylish anchor in Kerala and has good number of fans and haters. Haters troll her for her English laced Malayalam and her bold image. People don't know what she has been through during her childhood and how being a bold and stylish anchor helped her make a mark. But the ones who mock and ridicule her don't see that. A famous actor who was there at the event as a chief guest mocked and ridiculed her on the big stage that was reaching out to a million audience. She had to fight her tears and maintain straight face as an anchor and she did do that really well. As a viewer, I did not appreciate the actor's unkind words and felt humiliated at his words. I am sure the universe could understand her hurt and as the saying goes, karma always makes sure it gives back what is due.

After that incident, the actor met with a near fatal accident that has left him paralyzed and now he hasn't had a chance to mock at anyone else (at least with words). It is sad as he is a terrific actor and I hope he recovers and makes a comeback. However, this incident is a reminder to me (and all of us) about how we need to not mock, ridicule, or put someone down just because we don't value them. In the name of being cool and sarcastic, we put down a lot of people without realizing how much it hurts them. We tease the ones who are fat, the ones dark, many who are thin, those who aren't as educated as us, those who can't follow routines like us, those who can't articulate, and those who don't live like you do. Words can never be taken back, so make sure the ones that belong to you don't maul people.
By the way,  if you do that among your friends, or with your favorite people for fun it is different. They probably know you and know what you are saying when you have fun. For others it is different. So, please don't mock fun.  As the quote says, be kind, as everyone you know is fighting a hard battle. So, live and let live. 
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