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Day 296:Friend-I'm yours. Are you mine?

"The contrast"
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The first Sunday of August is celebrated as a day to thank friends who have been there through your good and bad. There are usually text messages or probably forward messages that indicated the beauty of being 'their' friend. Rewinding this memory can also replay the endless friendship 'bands' that went around the school corridors. There was some kind of joy in that whole concept of celebrating friendship. Did I mention about me being a part of it? Well, if not, just for the records, I was all in. I To any of my classmates or schoolmates who remember me from those days will agree with the symbolic meanings I associated to that particular day. I was also very loyal and kept up my promises. Today, when I look back at those pages from my little colored book I am amazed at the ignorance and my innocence. Today they don't really mean anything to me. Honestly- nothing at all. Does that mean I am not too happy carrying those memories? Not at all. I think they make me the person I am today. These memories are a part of the real me and they have shaped me to be a better person, or so I believe.

Again, don't get me wrong. I don't mean to say that I don't have friends and I don't value any. I do have 'a few' and they truly matter a lot to me. That said, I should clarify that it (could) also mean I might not probably matter to them at all. This has been on my mind for a while now and today's article on NYT totally nailed it. Recent research confirmed how friendship is often a one-way street. For instance, X might be the world for me but for X, I might be just an acquaintance. Ah! Isn't that refreshing to know?

Even though I have been getting those vibes for a while now I have never wanted to believe that. This article made it easy for me to agree with myself. The other most important point expressed in this article was the importance of having good friends in your life. Sometimes all we can do is be a good friend to someone. There is no guarantee if that someone would reciprocate the same feeling. I have been through that and most often it is hard. Thankful that I have been blessed with a couple of wonderful ones for life. By the way, do remember that a friend needn't be of a specific age, color, relationship, size, or gender. There are many of us who are blessed with wonderful friends and many others who aren't that lucky.However, we all live one life and sometimes we need to just take that walk with a hope and optimism that we will find new and true friends as we walk ahead and also not lose the ones from our past. 

With that I leave you all with a wish on Friendship day - tomorrow. Happy friendship day to the blessed ones.  If you have a spouse, be a best friend for life. If you have a sibling then take them as your best buddy to have fun. If you have your mom, then nothing can beat that ! To the others, you are your own best friend - love yourself. What do you say? 
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