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Day 295: After a hiatus: Just on my mind!

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I had planned this beautiful journey of 365 days as a dedication to my blog's 10th birthday. However, we can always encounter obstacles that can cause a deviation. One such deviation that I had to face was my personal challenges that did not let me the time and energy required to devote for this 365 day challenge. 

So, I decided to give it a break and start from where it all ended, the 295th post. From today I will write a post a day and complete this journey. That is about 70 days of writing. Not bad. Don't you think? 

Today's post is all about random ramblings that have been on mind. First thing on my mind is the scary and funny political scenario in the US. I am not able to fathom the reasons why Trump was nominated from the Republican party. The reality hits hard that someone like him can be there as a prospective candidate for being the president. I sometimes think it is because a lot of people are stressed in today's day and age. They are looking out for means of entertainment and probably they thought it will be fun to have a stand-up comedian who is completely narcissistic and sarcastic about everything around. Guess his supporters keep visiting the convention for  a few good laughs and entertainment. It was sad to see how he did not have any dignity while talking to that gold star family of Khans. His party is also loaded with folks who are very similar to him. Watching the morning news on CNN where his party spokesperson was interviewed showed how like-minded people attract each other (as is his case!)-Katrina was a blast that I'm sure every viewer of that program had expressed a similar expression as Allsyn Camerota. Watch that news show to understand the context. 

Image Source: Korathi mala :  Google Images

Well, leaving the politics aside and letting Trump go, I have a few other thoughts on my mind, which is a video I came across yesterday. It is about the first engineering graduate from a scheduled tribe caste in south India (State of Tamil Nadu)- Nari kuravar or Jackal people. During the early days, they were hunters and used to be in the forest hunting jackals and doing agriculture. Later, they were prohibited from entering forests and so they took to their gypsy lifestyle by selling beaded ornaments (usually denoted as 'korathi' in malayalam and the beads they sell is called 'korathi mala'). Education is denied to most children as they are always on a move and never settle down any place. They also are folks who focus on living in the 'moment' and for the 'moment' as they do not do any savings and focus on spending their every day income. As they were considered a tribal community there has been a lot of stigma associated with this tribe which also dampens their growth. They also speak their own language (Vagriboli) which is a mix of Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi. These folks are similar (or treated) to Kuruvikaras. 

This was one of  the touching stories I have come across in recent times. A girl is changing the course of her community towards better education and progressive thinking. Yes, there are many a number of engineers in India and that is even higher in Tamil Nadu considering the number of colleges available. People can claim as to what is so special about this girl graduating when there are a lot of people from poorer sectors of the society who have been able to get their degrees. This is hard as first of all she is a 'she', a girl. It is not easy for women even in higher strata of society to earn at the same pay scale in today's world. But then here is a girl from a tribal community where education is not so common. For this girl to be able to graduate by using the Scheduled Tribe (ST) quota for her degree has been solely due to her supportive parents. 

Listening to her story made me realize how blessed I was to be able to 'not fight' for just getting my degrees. How blessed I was to 'not fight' to have an access to internet and express my own thoughts. I was blessed when I was a girl of her age, graduating from college, planning my masters, looking out for options and what not. 

As the girl rightly says, education is the key to open up your thoughts and think progressively and not stay rooted to old beliefs and systems.  She also brings up a valid point about being 'ridiculed'. As a community we have a habit of labeling people and ridiculing those whom we assume are of lower strata or capability. What you think you do for fun can hurt or make it hard for the person to accept. We are all one and the same. We carry the same set of emotions and need food, water, and shelter just  like every other being on earth. Yet we have so much of difference among who and what kind of people can lead, study, or even progress in life. Yes, the obstacles come from both external (those outside the community) and internal (within the community) ties. The winner of course rebels these ties and sets themselves free. 

I think this video is a good one to share on my 295th post and the one where I'm back after a long gap. Let me know your thoughts !

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