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Day 277: What makes a leader: A short take !

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What makes a leader? So many things do. We usually go by charisma when we choose a leader. Every leader if successful is considered to be charismatic.They needn't be liked but they will still be considered charismatic. The recent raucous we see in the GOP is all to replace the nominee like Trump and one of the biggest drawbacks with him other than him being misogynist, arrogant, or even cut-throat is that he lacks the charisma. Both Ben Carson and Trump absolutely lack the charisma to be a leader. Yes, Donald Trump is surely making a lot more noise and is making the best of that among his blind followers but he truly doesn't emanate anything that is charismatic for a leader. What makes them dangerous even when the Republic party fights for their ideologies as such (at different levels) is that his demeanor can be dangerous to hold conversations with other world leaders.

The know-it-all attitude, abrasive nature, being extremely over confident and totally consumed by only 'self' makes him less and less appealing to be seen as a leader. A leader need not and might not please an entire audience. However, the way they bring across their points reflects on their nature and that in turn shows their charisma. For instance, Narendra Modi, the current PM of India is very charismatic. As a leader he has managed to do what is required by a PM of a country. Of course, there will be oppositions for him and people who don't still see him do them any good but that is going to be there in any case. What Modi has is the charisma. Every speech of his is really clear, straight-forward, and also appealing. He has helped people take note of India(as of now). I am sure the brand value of India has increased in the past few months after Modi has traveled around and given talks. He also comes across as humble in his demeanor. The same goes for any good charismatic leader like the current President of US, or the past Presidents, Dr. APJ, Michelle Obama (I love her!), Even though I am not for Republic party, Cruz and Rubio seem to be much better when compared to Trump or Carson. With Trump, he has his other additional feathers to carry on his hat which negates even the little charm (if at all any) he holds. I am not sure if these above mentioned presidents are all good or leaders are all good just because of their charisma. Well, I do believe that as humans we need to be able to accept one who is ready accept one's failures. That is why impolite style of handling discussions, using words which are uncouth all indicate arrogance and hence, not ready to look out outside of their own realm of thinking.

This topic here was not to bash or praise a particular political candidate or leader, it is to discuss how the charismatic qualities in a leader are essential for leading 'anything' the right way. The scenario I provided above shows why charisma is considered important for leaders. Charisma is a process in every sense. It makes one give speeches well, have conversations, need to know how to work their way as they discuss and talk to their donors, supporters, or other politicians. The same goes true for a company leader. The other important trait of a leader should be that they are able to show concern, and be humble (even when they know it all).

Of course, just like what I read sometime back,  "Charisma is the result of an effective leadership" more importantly it is the way a leader evolves and not the other way around."

Leaders are sometimes born and a lot of times made. I am a believer that we can always become a leader in our own space if and when we want. We can do that by moulding ourselves consciously to be one.

So, what are your points for being a good leader? 
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