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Day 269: Play schools and their posts on FB (restricted to Indian play schools)

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I am in that phase where most of my acquaintances and friends that I know and are connected on social media, are either married or are raising a family. That means, I am flooded with pictures of their smiling babies, curious toddlers exploring their surroundings,  or pretty little kids all ready and set to go to school. Yes, they look cute and garner a lot of likes. However the point here for this topic is about the pictures posted online. I understand if a parent decides to post or share the pictures on their wall. It is also up to them to make their pictures publicly visible or privately shared.  I totally think the parents are the final judges in making that call. What bothers me is that the nursery schools in India (at least the ones I have seen so far) take that decision and post the pictures of kids on their school page. I get to see this as a few friends are tagged or they end up liking a few photos. If it is a publicly visible picture, then it also comes up on my Newsfeed.

Over the years as social media has become a litmus test to understand if an organization or person is progressive (which shouldn't be the case!), we see everyone hopping in on the bandwagon whether or not they fit the bill. I am only talking here about the institutions, organizations, brands and companies. The same goes for educational institutions which are now the best money makers in India. Just as most of the 'reputed schools carry an international suffix to it, most play schools do too. Other than that, they also make sure their school's page is up on social media (mostly restricted to FB). That is also fine as it is a personal call of that organization and its management. What I don't agree with is the sharing of pictures of their students as a publicly visible post. This might be to indicate to a prospective customer that their school does a lot of activities that will help their children to be better in life. But what they miss there is the fact that they are making someone else's kids'  picture available for anyone around the world. Is that okay?

I think not. For instance, as I was talking to a friend at work she was mentioning how she is completely away from social media as to only keep away from her ex-husband. She doesn't want her daughter, now in her middle school to have an online profile lest her ex-hubby tracks her down. Well, makes sense. In India, I don't think they follow these laws of privacy that well as another friend whose 3 year old is at a play school did mention how she wanted to inform the school as to not use her kids' picture up on FB or other sites.

Why don't they take measures to check with the parent if they are okay with their child's picture on FB? And even if they get the consent, shouldn't they make it privately accessible pictures? If I know a child's day care or play school, all I need to do is go and search for the page and browse through the photos to pick out the one I am looking for in the first place. Doesn't this make it unsafe for pedophiles to access loads of these pictures online without any problem? When a parent decides on this, I think that is a personal choice but as a school one does not have the right to post their students' pictures without the consent.

The reason I am worried is because, as I was checking into a clinic while in India for some personal reason, I found that they take your fingerprint as soon as you enter. I have no idea why on earth would they do that. Interestingly, that was the key selling point for that clinic - " We are now having Finger Print scanning technology" as if that indicates advancement.

Well, looks like even schools might begin these as a means to indicate progressive attitude. This is what is called misplaced priorities!

What do you think? 
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