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Day 261: The treasure trove called Enid Blyton

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Reading is a magical journey for it takes us to a different world even as we stay still and rooted in a place. The authors are like magicians who weave their magic wand, their pen and their narration and take us with them on their imaginary trip. We don't see the author but we visualize the characters they have given birth to and we take them as our best friends or even mortal enemies depending on what we are reading. Enid Blyton was one such author. As a child, my brother and I got a chance to travel around the world have new friends and even own our pet dog. All credits to this brilliant writer. Born as Enid Mary Blyton in Kent, she began writing during her free time. One of her first books was a collection of poems called, Child Whispers. She wrote in different genres like fairy tale (The Enid Blyton book of fairies), detective (Famous five series, Secret series), circus (Circus series) and so on. I haven't read all her books but the detective series were the ones that kept us company during our childhood days.

Today the literary world has a different take on her works and is usually associated with a lot of negative criticism (elitist, racist, etc.,). But as a child, I was mesmerized into that world of mystery. Initially when I began reading, I was shadowing George (Georgina) and Timmy and was a part of their journey as an observer. Then with time once I began reading the whole series, it kind of grew in me and I was Georgina myself. As George didn't have siblings, I was always confused in my little mind as to how can I add my brother to my plot when one of the protagonist doesn't have siblings! But yeah, the confused young mind did make up and squeeze him in to that big picture. In my head as George, I had a sibling and my brother was a part of that whole mystery series. I have been to the islands, solved crimes, wore clothes that I did not usually wear, was multi tasking many things ! Phew! All because of the great Enid Blyton. Since, Quentin (or Uncle Quentin) was the scientist, it was easy to picture my own dad as one. He is a science and math genius and I always wished my father pursued science (chemistry) instead of Banking. Well, chemistry was his major and he took to banking due to responsibilities as a young man! It was a different world and I think this wonderful writer's charm worked on us and still works on kids who are making the best of their imagination and not caught up in the vagaries of adult world.

Thank you to books, to writers like these, and to parents who encourage reading. Life is more wonderful with words like these......
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