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Day 271: The lion who walked away with the knight

Day 270: OSCAR FEVER 2016

A lot of us watch The Oscars or the Academy Awards with a lot of interest. Of course, anything from the big wood from far west attracts attention and sparks interest. The Oscars was originally called the Academy Awards and is an annual American award function organized by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This is a professional organization that focuses on the industry of motion pictures. Qualified filmmakers around the world (of course, a lot of them are based from USA) are a part of the roster (members of this organization).

The Academy designed a statuette, a tall standing man/knight as a symbolic memento for the award. A popular theory was that the nickname for this award was coined by Margaret Herrick (she was one of the earliest presidents of this group) who in 1931 mentioned that the statuette looked or resembled her Uncle Oscar. Later, a famous columnist, Sidney Skolsky took this info and popularized it as the employees commonly called it the Oscar in a New York Da…

Day 269: Play schools and their posts on FB (restricted to Indian play schools)

I am in that phase where most of my acquaintances and friends that I know and are connected on social media, are either married or are raising a family. That means, I am flooded with pictures of their smiling babies, curious toddlers exploring their surroundings,  or pretty little kids all ready and set to go to school. Yes, they look cute and garner a lot of likes. However the point here for this topic is about the pictures posted online. I understand if a parent decides to post or share the pictures on their wall. It is also up to them to make their pictures publicly visible or privately shared.  I totally think the parents are the final judges in making that call. What bothers me is that the nursery schools in India (at least the ones I have seen so far) take that decision and post the pictures of kids on their school page. I get to see this as a few friends are tagged or they end up liking a few photos. If it is a publicly visible picture, then it also comes up on my Newsfeed.


Day 268: Genie and my dream writing room : Daily Prompt idea

A Daily Prompt idea: A genie has granted me a wish to design my own writing and reading room. What should that room look like? Be elaborate and detail as possible.

Dearest Genie,

I know you have a great power to change anything around you. All you have to do is just swish your hand and then mumble some 'abracadabra' and lo! everything you wish will come true. Now since you have agreed to grant me a wish of designing my own reading and writing space, I would love it if you could help me have a couple of rooms (extra ;). And yeah, an advance thank you for your generosity.

As you know I now live in K-town. Here, I would love it if you could to help me design my existing study space as a posh writing and reading room. As this room has a window which faces the east, I would love it if you could change the current blinds to the ones which go up and down at a single clap of hands. Let the window also be able to slide open easily and yet not let the insects fly in. There should be a …

Day 267: My mind and I

A conversation within myself led me to compose this poem. It started off as a declaration of self wishing for certain things and then, the 'other' me was reasoning with 'me' about those peculiar wishes. This poem reflects the longing and the search for 'someone' or 'something'.

In between the other 'me' got stuck half way as 'she' was finding it hard to tell the 'me' to be positive. Thankfully a conversation with my dear sister-in-law helped the 'other me' find her way. I should thank her for helping me write this one. Dedicated to her for her beautiful mind.

I wish to run away from here,  to a place nowhere.  I hope to fly away like a butterfly, chasing new flowers of the wild.  I wish to sit down quiet, mindfully traveling through a million path I hope to go to a distant land just by teleporting my good old soul. 
She paused me and asked,  "Oh, dear friend, why are your wishes so vicious and sad? " "Or, are the…

Day 266 : Wordless Wednesday - The Tram Ride

In the hustle and bustle of a city life, I still get to enjoy the tram ride! Simple and beautiful pencil sketch by my talented sister-in-law.

Day 265: TIME

Today happens to be the anniversary of our dear friends. As I thought about them, it took me to the memories of the past moments when we met them. I cannot now believe that time has just flown by so quickly and we have known each other for a long time now. That context of time which we call as 'at the blink of an eye' just amazes me. It is a mystery to even the physicists who still try to understand the various aspects of 'time'. It is so crucial for us as we run a race to keep up with it. It is a great way to cherish moments yet we feel like we have lost something. Isn't it interesting? Well, that got me writing this piece. Wrote this in less than 3 minutes and I have tried to bring the science and the philosophical aspect of time. I am not sure if I have but leave me your comments as I would be happy to hear what you think.

Time. Is it the tick-tock of a clock? or is it the flipping pages of a calendar? Is it just one directional ? or is it another dimension in it…

Day 264: Surprise! Looks like I am more of an Introvert

An introvert.Rather an extroverted introvert.

I am a what?.... extroverted- introvert. Who? Well, me.....

Bah! I hear a few of you pushing off that as though I have just made a wrong statement.

This might come in as a surprise for those who think they 'know' me. Well, to be honest, I did think that way too. After all, the Myers-Brigg tests as a young adult always told me I should be an extrovert. Did it really? Well, no. It was because I tried really hard to answer the 'way I was supposed to react to different situations' and not 'how I actually reacted'.  That always got me the 'Extrovert' status. Plus the stereotypes we have for introverts and extroverts are usually like common knowledge. Since I have always been labeled as being talkative since childhood and also a person with a great knack to start a conversation even when I did not know a person made me feel like an extrovert too. Even though that part is true, I am usually comfortable only with m…

Day 263: Crazy reflections on a 'thought'

What is more powerful than me? I wondered. Then it stuck me that it was 'my thought'. The very thought that I can or not be changes who I am. It is an extremely potent tool that I am surprised at how I can 'survive' with my capabilities. I am a person with limited abilities and limited intelligence. But hasn't man survived the adversaries and faced the wild realities even when he had just the basic abilities? Agreed that a few or many died trying. But they did try. All because of a single thought. When we have a thought, we think, we then seek to find answers. It might be a question that has never been asked or it might be an extension to a proven past. What changes the course is that 'very thought'.

On any given day, I have many thoughts that cross my mind. Even when I am silent, the nothingness is in itself a blank thought. That is how we are all (most of us, I believe). We question and seek answers with our thoughts and all this can cause chaos in our m…

Day 262: Anyeong Haseyo

I am almost 9K miles away from my country. It is very long way from home and sometimes it feels like I am at the other end of the spectrum. One beautiful thing about this relocation is that I have met people from diverse culture in this far away land. How much ever my country is diverse my exposure was limited to the people from India itself. Here, going to grad school was one of the best decisions I took (really?). I have met people from different walks of life, culture, language, and country. There are a few who are here just like me to study and start a new life. A few others who are from this very own country carry different perspectives. Well, isn't that what travel is supposed to teach you?  My previous exposure was just to Italians as my company deployed me on a trip to that beautiful country.  However, this current stay in this part of the world has taught me a lot about South Korean culture, which I did not really know much earlier. This post is about that. The title of t…

Day 261: The treasure trove called Enid Blyton

Reading is a magical journey for it takes us to a different world even as we stay still and rooted in a place. The authors are like magicians who weave their magic wand, their pen and their narration and take us with them on their imaginary trip. We don't see the author but we visualize the characters they have given birth to and we take them as our best friends or even mortal enemies depending on what we are reading. Enid Blyton was one such author. As a child, my brother and I got a chance to travel around the world have new friends and even own our pet dog. All credits to this brilliant writer. Born as Enid Mary Blyton in Kent, she began writing during her free time. One of her first books was a collection of poems called, Child Whispers. She wrote in different genres like fairy tale (The Enid Blyton book of fairies), detective (Famous five series, Secret series), circus (Circus series) and so on. I haven't read all her books but the detective series were the ones that kep…