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Day 206: Malayalam Movie Dialogue : Manichithrathazu "Madampalliyale thakkol edukkan"

This is a laugh riot. I have watched or attempted to watch the tamil-hindi-kannada versions of Manichithrathazhu. And I should be honest (not biased) it is nowhere near this original. By the way, I love Vidya Balan, Jyothika, and Soundarya as actors. So, that is not the bias. This movie is so special that I must have watched this over a 100 times so far. Innocent is one of my most favorite actor (I love most character artists from Malayalam film industry) and I guess this dialogue delivery just makes you to laugh even as you think about the scenes.

What is written in this image reads as follows: 'Madamballiyile thaakoledukkan nee endhinaaa Daasappa kinattilirangane?". I am laughing hard even as I write this.  All this sentence means is "To take the key from Madampalli, why are you getting down to the well, Dasappa?". That is all. Simple and straight forward statement but this is one of the best from Innocent uncle's comedy. So, here is the clip from that movie.
Image Courtesy: Google Images

Watch it and laugh out loud (if you understand malayalam). Source: YouTube.
Disclaimer: A horrible print to watch. But this is the best one that I found for a 2 min clip.

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Today is Chingam 1 (to be read as onnu). It is the new month according to the lunisolar calendar. This month is also called as Avani and Shravana. So, why is this month special?  This month marks the beginning of the festival season back home and the it is fun to have small celebrations through the months until  mid- December. It is also the month of Onam (Harvest festival in Kerala).

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