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Day 192: Everything is a 'business' - Squatty Potty!

All of us do the basic things in life which includes - sleeping, waking up, pooping, cooking (or getting the food), eating, drinking, and back to the same cycle. In between we lace it with work and not-so-much work! In short, we live a life where we take in food, work to earn the food, take some rest, and do the rest. However, as much as we talk about 'food' and 'work' we don't really talk much about poop in our everyday life. Despite the fact that pooping right is a like a MUST to have a smooth life. In the recent times, Piku (a Bollywood movie) is one that focused on a father-daughter relationship all using a thread of poop and constipation. As for the movie, it is a great movie and Amitabh ji's act is a perfect 10/10 and the chemistry Deepika Padukone shares with Amitabh is just brilliant. Well, that is for a different topic to discuss.

India and other Middle eastern countries use the Indian style of toilets to help do the nature's call. This system called as the 'natural squat' involves sitting down and doing the business. However, the Western folks prefer everything in a comfortable way and that involves using a sitting chair type toilet to do the same business. Now, that Western toilets are getting popular and considered much more 'cleaner' in the rest of the world, we are surely more aware of that style of toilet. Every new and modern Indian home will have Western toilets intact. However, in the recent times everything that was shunned as being archaic and ancient in India (and the East ) is making a come back.

I am talking of 'squatty potty'. I watched this on Shark Tank, a show  that is aired on CNBC. It is a reality show that is about new businesses (sometimes in the nascent or established phase) who pitch in for new investors. Of course, it is 'mostly' scripted and there is a lot of drama to the whole investment process. A lot of the ideas pitched are interesting and innovations made out simple human needs. If someone found it hard to stop eating and thereby gained weight, they found a new solution- container boxes to store snacks that can be locked for days. Awesome, right? Similarly the 'Squatty Potty' was an idea inspired by the Indian or Eastern style toilets (and even the yogasana - stretching). By using all so-called 'scientific reasons' and correct reasons to the way one should poop, they have manufactured a small plastic raise stool to hold your legs to ease the process of going to toilet. I am not delving too much as I'm sure you can picture it. What caught my attention to this is that this simple idea of a plastic raise stool has helped this guy (CEO- Edwards) become a millionaire. After his appearance in Shark Tank and gaining investors, they have gone full-fledged in production and found more retailers like (Bed Bath) to sell. They also use QVC and online medium to sell. Just amazed at how it sells like hot cakes! Well, it also sells for a price of $24-28. It is surely expensive for a piece of plastic junk. When we use such scientific mumbo-jumbo people are ready to invest in any product. Of course, having learnt a little bit of yoga and lived in India, I do know the benefits of doing the sit-ups or squats. So, probably the person who thought of this innovation might have experienced something different by using those techniques. So, after Shark Tank, the founder decided to make use of viral ads to increase awareness and sales.

Despite the lack of faith from the investors, the CEO hired Harmon Brothers (who are famous for their poo-pourri advert) to make a funny advert that sets the message straight.  And boy! it did go viral- really, viral. It increased their sales by over 600% (Source-Ad Week). The advert is really funny! Watch it here below.

The use of unicorn is a cute way to make everything so easy and funny to relate and the ice creams makes it less gross. Of course, for the poop and not the ice cream!

This makes me wonder about a lot of things - old Indian ways, marketing tactics, what goes viral and what doesn't? Oh, that is a lot of topics to talk about. We will do that in other posts!

Disclaimer: If you love ice creams and you are sure a video can leave a lasting impression, please avoid watching this as it can be terrifying and change your 'idea' of ice cream. From a point of view of the creative it has tried to show the whole business of pooping in a 'cute' way or let me put it this way- less gross. 

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