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Day 211: Malayalam Movie Dialogue: Meleparambile Aanveedu "Velakkariya irundhalum"

How can I not have the great (read great great) Jagathy Sreekumar's at least one dialogue when I talk about Malayalam movie dialogues? He is an icon that no one can ever replace. Yes, the other actor who was so wonderful was Nagesh. But I think Jagathy can beat all of them with ease. He can outshine every other actor on screen. Jagathy's unique touch to every role and his antics (only he can- remember, Thalavattam?) can be ONLY played by him. He must have acted in over 1000 movies and I hope he comes back to movies very soon (He met with an accident a couple of years ago and he hasn't recovered yet). Malayalam industry that was blessed with some amazing character artists. 
This is from the movie "Meleparambile Aanveedu" and I think the role of Jagathy as the brother of the hero (Jayaram) is just brilliant and a laugh riot. This is a scene where he is trying to learn tamil to woo the 'servant maid' (Shobana). The dialogue reads as " Velakkariya irund…

Day 210: Malayalam Movie Dialogues: Diamond Necklace "Arunetta"

Time for a recent movie context. This is one of my new favorite actor- Anushree. This scene is from a movie called Diamond Necklace. It is not a comedy movie but this specific actor's character does bring in innocence and sweetness that will make you smile. Why do I like her? Well, she has a beautiful knack to enact serious, comedy, strong roles with ease. She came into movies through a reality show and trust me she is a real find. This is her first one and she plays a small role as the protagonist's innocent wife. The innocence of 'Rajashree' just won so many hearts. 
The dialogue reads "Ende Arunettane manasilkkan ini vere aara ullathu" means "Now, who else is there to understand my Arun":) For those who understand the context you can smile, the rest, please go and watch this one :) 

Day 209: Picture Post 6: Baby Alligator

Little black baby alligator. Yes, that is what we saw in a park. I have no idea how it came out of its natural habitat and moved out to the green grass to laze around and enjoy a little bit of sun. It is a tiny one and hence, I wasn't much perturbed. Again, agreed, this could have been a better picture! It is not a great one but this is the only one I have of a black alligator. 

Day 208: Picture Post 5: Whatey Family

Whatey Family !
They share their food, stand around, and eat together. The kids get to eat first and then the adults follow suit. Nature keeps teaching us that this is the true spirit of a family. Love or hate, a family stands together. Here is one simple picture shot somewhere sometime ago. Yeah, I agree, could have done a much better job. In any case, this is a sweet picture that symbolizes the very essence of a family. 
Stay together and stay blessed :) 

Note: Other possible scenarios: They could be friends too but they act like a 'family'. They could be all siblings too (which again is a family).

Day 207: Malayalam Movie Dialogues: Nadodikkattu "Ethra manoharamaya"

Dasan and Vijayan team is one of the most popular character pair in Malayalam movie fraternity. Every Malayalee will remember the dialogues from these movies. The pair of Lal-Sreenivasan as Dasan - Vijayan just brought (and still bring) smiles and simple joy among movie goers. Between Sathyan Anthikkad and Priyadarshan, there were three movies directed using the same team for the lead pair. With the script written by Sreenivasan himself, these movies have become immortal in the history of Malayalam cinema.
Among the set of 3 movies done using the combination, the first one was 'Nadodikkattu'. The picture that depicts the dialogue is from that movie. The second and third were 'Pattanapravesham' and 'Akkare Akkare Akkare'. Even though each movie was good this one is something very special. The dialogues are so popular that I don't think any of us would 'not' use them in everyday life. 
This one given below is by Vijayan (played by Sreenivasan) that s…

Day 206: Malayalam Movie Dialogue : Manichithrathazu "Madampalliyale thakkol edukkan"

This is a laugh riot. I have watched or attempted to watch the tamil-hindi-kannada versions of Manichithrathazhu. And I should be honest (not biased) it is nowhere near this original. By the way, I love Vidya Balan, Jyothika, and Soundarya as actors. So, that is not the bias. This movie is so special that I must have watched this over a 100 times so far. Innocent is one of my most favorite actor (I love most character artists from Malayalam film industry) and I guess this dialogue delivery just makes you to laugh even as you think about the scenes.

What is written in this image reads as follows: 'Madamballiyile thaakoledukkan nee endhinaaa Daasappa kinattilirangane?". I am laughing hard even as I write this.  All this sentence means is "To take the key from Madampalli, why are you getting down to the well, Dasappa?". That is all. Simple and straight forward statement but this is one of the best from Innocent uncle's comedy. So, here is the clip from that movie.

Day 205: (not so) Picture Post 4: Merry Christmas

Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ.  Just a fun Trivia: Did you know that even before Christmas, Romans celebrated the period between Dec 17-25 as Saturnalia which is a prayer to God Saturn. He was considered as the God of Agriculture and hence, to beat the sore winter and help their barren and cold farm and fields, they celebrated this day as Saturnalia. During the 4th century, this Pagan and Celtic celebration style was reshaped by the intervention of the Church and since this was new, they ended the last day - 25th December as Christmas (after this period). 
Anyways, Wishing each of you a Merry Christmas. Let there be more happy moments, delicious plum cakes, happy gifts from your secret Santa and loads of love and joy! May this also be a way where we can help one another and those less privileged with whatever we can. In short, make someone smile. 

Day 204: Picture Post 3: Christmas Eve

Silent night and Holy night. Well, Christmas Eve is here. Here is a picture of some interesting 'nutcrackers' that I saw in a christmas ornament store. Loved these and so, here is a snap shot of these lovely nutcrackers.

Day 203: Picture Post 2: One of the best ice-cream I have ever had

One of the best ice-cream we have ever had. Love from Leopold. I am not too sure if I remember the taste of the ice cream or do I relish the good memories of the wonderful interaction with the old couple who run the store in Savannah. Circa 2013.

Day 202: Picture Post 1: How much does a line matter?

The next 10 days until 31st of December will carry only picture post. The posts might be pictures taken by me or probably something that caught my attention online. If it is from the usual 'google images' the details will be provided. The topics can vary and hence, the pictures too. Let me know your thoughts!

How much does a line matter?  Well, in design a lot :)  So, here we present 'A' Serif vs. 'A' Sans Serif all cos of one line :)  Beauty of typography for you! 

Day 201: Remembering Nirbhaya

One evening as I sat down on the couch in my pajamas and laptop, as always with the television on and the hubby by the side, one particular news online just shook me off my senses. It was the news of a girl gang raped in a running bus. That horrendous day was in the year 2012, December 16, to be precise. Exactly 3 years ago. It was a news that shocked the world so much so that I was ashamed and pained to listen to that discussion in the NPR morning news. Of course, this is not a single and the first incident of rape reported but this crime was so beastly that even the one single news on India was about the lack of safety and respect for women.  Today after the three years, that beautiful girl is no more. But the media gave her a name for that beautiful spirit- 'Nirbhaya'. Nirbhaya means one who is fearless. Well, it is nice to read about it but what was the use? She lost her life, her parents lost their beautiful daughter, the world lost a wonderful human being and doctor (to…

Day 200: A letter to my younger self

This 200th post is going to be a special letter written to my younger self. Yeah, I am young now but I am writing to a much younger self. It is a different kind of letter complimenting the old self and the journey so far.

Dearest M,

Writing this letter sounds very weird.  As I am 'you' but just different. Writing a letter to yourself much younger is kind of strange yet interesting feeling. I have now travelled a long way. In numbers it may not be much, but in experience, a long long way for sure. Now, as I stand and look back at you, my younger self there are millions of thoughts that go through my mind.

You were a very vibrant person then. I do not know where you have lost that today. I do not see that in me. You were like any other teenager. Studies, yeah. But so were your interests thrown around. Lost in the huge bubble called future. Your identity was based on the approvals around you. Your identity was based on your ideals of your best friends. Peer pressure? Well, not r…

Day 199: Neipayasam

Simple homemade sweets are my favorite. I have always preferred the simplest sweetmeats over the extra special pastries from other places. Most of south Indian style sweets make use of jaggery for the 'sweetness'. The moment I see this simple delicacy, I smile. I smile because it brings back memories of my beautiful home and state. Yes, I am talking about 'nei payasam'. It is nothing but sweet rice based pudding but made with jaggery. It also has a good amount of ghee;). Nei means ghee and payasam means pudding.

The smell of a nei payasam can be so delightful that I cannot remember a day that we did not have it from a Kerala temple (rather most). Every visit to our family temple at Alathur was extra divine with the ambrosial serving of 'madhura nei payasam'. The ingredients are very simple and procedure even more. All you need in any kind of nei payasam is rice, ghee, jaggery, dry ginger. To garnish small cut pieces of coconut, cashews, and raisins are used. …

Day 198: The return of good ol' Coconut oil

Editor's Note: This is just an opinion article and the research about the goodness or benefits of coconut oil is not given here. Please use this post wisely. There is a lot of research that supports the use of coconut oil, but due to lack of time, I have kept this post as a simple opinion post. 

Coconuts. How can you ask a girl from the beautiful coastal land of Kerala if she likes coconut? Well, I just live with it. I love coconuts in any form. Coconut water, coconut in sweets, coconut in my curry, coconut milk, and of course, the good old coconut oil. In our place we only cook using coconut oil. The only other oil used for cooking for certain food and for body and hair massage was sesame seed oil or as it is called the nallenna. Of course, after coming to the US, I have included olive oil in that list, especially, when we cook a different cuisine.

However, while in India, we always lived by coconut and sesame seed oil. During the late 90's people had started changing their t…

Day 197: Throwback Thursday : Just like that

It is essentially a Throw'back' Thursday. I was lost in thoughts and looking for some :)

Day 196: Wordless Wednesday : The Angel Trumpets

These beauties are called Angel Trumpets and they rightly belong to the special class of Angels :)

Day 195: Rising above the tide - Chennai

This past couple of weeks has been rough on the beautiful capital city of Tamil Nadu-Chennai. The city was devastated with endless rains and flood. It was such a disastrous few weeks that it changed the way of life for the many who lived there. Chennai has always had water problems. But never has it been with so much water. It is usually the other way around. Water has been a scarce issue in the past. I have lived about 6 1/2 - 7 years there and during those times thankfully have had enough rains to help our water issues and never had much issue with 'lack of water.' However, this year, the climate change (which a lot of us are ignoring signs) issues have had an impact all around the world and Chennai was 'blessed' slightly more than it could take with rain. More than the rain flooding the city, it was the overflowing dams that caused more damage. The sad part was that the national media paid no attention to the issue here and instead had discussions on 'intoleran…

Day 194: Where do I belong?

Where do I belong?
Is it where my ancestors set foot,
or is it where they walked towards?
Their lineage did not stop with one branch,
As there are many that hold new leaves.

I am from there, but I have travelled far
and now I am dazed as I see my past.
I do not know where I belong,
is it that place where I right now stand?

With time, I have added new feathers
that colors the distinct thoughts.
But the memories have faded,
and are a thing of past.
There are a few that keep coming back,
but do they hint at where I belong?

I do not want to forget the path
that I have traveled this far
to reach up north.
But I do not see my roots
and at times I feel like a
lost lovebird.

Where do I belong?
I still wonder,
as I saunter,
the endless path,
in search of my roots.

It takes time to see that
sweet deep truth
that I belong to none
and the roots are never intact.
They are spread as far as my thoughts
and I can set foot wherever I want.

Ah! but it takes time
to really understand.....

© …

Day 193: Simple Sunday Post- Colors - Nature and Manmade

A simple Sunday post that shows the beautiful blue of the sky and brilliant green of the building. Yes, this was the color of that building. These are the colonial homes in SC and they were very well maintained. I think the city takes extra effort to ensure these stay within the rules set for the city homes.

Day 192: Everything is a 'business' - Squatty Potty!

All of us do the basic things in life which includes - sleeping, waking up, pooping, cooking (or getting the food), eating, drinking, and back to the same cycle. In between we lace it with work and not-so-much work! In short, we live a life where we take in food, work to earn the food, take some rest, and do the rest. However, as much as we talk about 'food' and 'work' we don't really talk much about poop in our everyday life. Despite the fact that pooping right is a like a MUST to have a smooth life. In the recent times, Piku (a Bollywood movie) is one that focused on a father-daughter relationship all using a thread of poop and constipation. As for the movie, it is a great movie and Amitabh ji's act is a perfect 10/10 and the chemistry Deepika Padukone shares with Amitabh is just brilliant. Well, that is for a different topic to discuss.

India and other Middle eastern countries use the Indian style of toilets to help do the nature's call. This system cal…

Day 191: John Lewis Ad - Christmas

It is the season of Christmas and television advertisements are filled with ads that resonate the emotions of this beautiful holiday. Every channel (especially Hallmark) runs non-stop Christmas movies with a countdown to Christmas (btw, I am a sucker for such movies ;)). Whether you celebrate Christmas or you don't, you believe in Santa having the naughty or nice list, or not, the familiarity to these 'Christmas-y' emotions is the same. Yes, the way one reacts to that depends on that individual's personality. However, the ads that reach you is just a daily reminder of the festival and its magical charm. In that same context it makes me notice the beautiful and emotionally strong ads that the advertisers try to connect to the consumers. One of the best ads (which I got to see because of social media and the internet) is by the UK retailer - John Lewis. I'm not sure if I have written about their Christmas ads earlier. They bring out very emotional and wonderful ads …

Day 190: Lies

Day 189: Books

Day 188: Music

Day 187: Smile

Day 186: Cold

Day 185: Picture Post- Nostalgia - Lil Yellow Bananas

Nostalgic. A picture that just screams 'South India' :)

Day 184: Picture Post-What am 'eye' seeing?

Are you seeing what I am seeing? I doubt that.  For those eyes are elsewhere but what 'you' think 'I' see is very different. 

Day 183: Picture Post- Singled out?

Fallen leaves are all below,  With each one telling a story  so unique.
I sometimes wonder,
 if the leaves think they are  Singled out or Standing out? 
-Meena Arvind-

Day 182: Picture Post - Lonely Rock

The waves lashed at him. But he stood still. They gently caressed him. Yet he stood still. He was all alone but strong. Sometimes, nature teaches us more than we can fathom.

Somewhere in the beautiful west. Circa 2014.

Day 181: Picture Post- Birthday Cake

This whole month is going to be split up based on the following categories of posts. This will help me  allocate time between my work.

For the next five days it will be picture posts - taken from my personal collection. Then, the topics will be categorized based on personal favorites :). Well, that is for the next week. Keep waiting!

December 1 - 5 will be the time for just picture posts. Pictures will be personal ones shot at different times and places.

The first post for December is a lovely birthday cake! Yum! It is more delicious that how it looks. It is my brother's awesome recipe of an eggless chocolate cake with delicious chocolate frosting. He made this super awesome cake on A's nephew's birthday during Thanksgiving. The kids and adults devoured it so much that I think if unsupervised they might have just preferred this for dinner and lunch!