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Day 162: Why I 'love' Donald Trump?

Yes, you read the title right. Why do I 'Love' (read:lurrrve) Donald Trump? 

Donald was a special name as a kid - remember Donald Duck? Now, I think we hear Trump more often with that same old first name. He has become a household name around the globe. Whatever happens in this big country of United States has some importance to the rest of the world. Thanks to social media, news now reaches even faster. So, why would I now call him as someone I love? Please read before you conclude. 
Image Courtesy: Google Images (Copyright-Dave Granlund)
He has only said things which are controversial. Or should I say, whatever he has said has had some controversy attached to it. Initially as he started the campaign, he pushed his agenda about pushing out 'Mexicans' as they are all bad. Okay, okay. Probably he did not say that but at least that was the larger message he communicated. He then took to the ISIS attacks and put forth a proposal to push all 'muslims' in one basket- scary. He was against the immigrants from Syria as he tied the act of terrorism with every Syrian refugee. He has promised that with all that he is doing and saying, he envisions a great and better America. Yes, he might be like every other leader in the world trying to say he is going to fight terrorism. However, the way he talks conveys the same message in a very 'wrong' and 'narrow-minded' way. 

It also tells us that as humans we are psychologically 'timid' at times that we can be attracted to personalities who even share 'stupidity' with confidence. He teaches us that when a business pushes its agenda and product with enough confidence and a new perspective (or so it says), we are psychologically attracted to that and follow it easily. He reminds us that if you are a good communicator and a great salesman, you can sell 'anything'. 

Well, hope you got the sarcasm. I love Donald Trump because he tells me how much more is there to be changed in our world. We are still not mature or evolved to handle issues that are global and can have huge consequences. As we become more and more connected and the distances shorten with the advancement in science and technology, we need to be more inclusive and broad minded to adapt and accept culture. I am not saying this is a problem that is present only in the US. We as a world haven't reached anywhere even if we have visibly progressed over time. We should always remember that we are all a part of one big system. 

With a big sigh, I end this sarcastically titled post with a hope that he is NOT the next President of United States. And if he does become one, then God save the World and yeah, America! 

P.S. Doesn't mean Cruz is any better! 
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