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Day 160: Why I love Monte Christo ?

Image Courtesy: Meena Arvind 
For all those who love reading and have a good taste of great old classics, The Count of Monte Christo is not something they would missed. It is one of the best classics to read. If you haven't read, please do. Okay. Read now! A brilliant literary creation of Alexander Dumas, this narrates the sad fate of Edmond Dante who is falsely prosecuted and imprisoned (by cunning and back-biting friends). This is one of the best creations of revenge and prison break in literature. This book excites, creates tension, takes us through the journey of the protagonist who plots revenge against his wrong-doers. So, what? You can ask. Even though the plot sounds like simple and easy flick for most revenge story, the narration has a little bit of everything and the way the characters are presented makes it a good book. Visually, this book could have been a great movie material. However, I don't think any of the movie versions had any good or taut screenplay. I don't think any of it worked well. Honestly, I haven't watched any of them entirely. I would however, want to watch a play that will adapt the original book.

Originally in French, the book is set in 1800's. It also coincides with the historical happenings of that period. The characters and the plot are so well connected and set that this is my favorite book. As a teenager I was in love with Edmond Dante and sympathized his position. As a young adult, I was thinking about the strategies he employed to seek revenge. As an adult, I cherish the author's perspectives, the historical touch, the narration, and the whole journey it takes me as I flip through the pages. The book instills hope and faith.

To end, the last words of the final chapter : "has not the count just told us that all human wisdom was contained in these two words: 'Wait and hope?'.

Whatey book!!!

I really think I should read it once again. Hopefully, soon enough. 
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