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Day 156: United we stand, Divided we fall

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Every person (animals too) living on this planet has a personality that is innate to them. It is usually something that is either shaped due to genetic make or that which is psychological and environmental. For an outside world a personality can also reflect the place where one comes from. For instance, most wolves behave similarly (from plain sight), most men, most children, most Indians, most North Indians, most Malayalees, most Asians,  most IT professionals, most doctors, etc.,. We put people in one bracket based on the assumed overall character and personality of that associate group.  Now, when people have such unique personalities, imagine what a country will be like. That is what we call as culture. It is that which evolves, shapes, transfers, permeates, accepts, adapts, and that cycle goes on and on. Every generation, every decade, every moment, there are changes that we sometimes observe and most times do not. We become a part of that. Most often we acclimatize and yet at other times, when we move, we stick out. But the important part is that all this reflects and shapes the 'personality' of that country/society. The people who hold positions of power and lead the country also contribute to how the country's personality is understood and also evolves. This in turn sculpts the nature of people living there. Just like our personality that appears to be in a constant state to the external world is actually based on various factors - internal and external, a country goes through many conflicts and chaos. This is, of course, based on various factors- internal and external. It is due to the leaders, the common man, the market, the business folks, and everything else. The reason I am bringing all this, today is because of the rampant use of the word 'intolerance'  while talking about India. The discussions are as though the rest of the world like US, Europe and others having the perfect culture and perfect society. Absolutely not. Even though my travel is limited  to just a few weeks in Italy, about 220 weeks in the US and the rest in India, I know that India is definitely not 'intolerant' at all. Yes, there are many things we got to change to be better and utilize our resources well enough to bring out the best. However, that does not mean we are 'intolerant'. If so, every country is, in its own unique ways. This country, where I live has issues of minority, color, race, and what not (in fact, for many centuries). Europe has been waging wars over crown, religion, philosophy and what not. We all have the belief system that when a country is technologically advanced and allows people to dress and do whatever they like, they are extremely happy. Well, no. Not always true. Every one has their own faults and they go through it differently. This is where what I study becomes very important- Media. Media can really make or break as to how issues are targeted. For instance, if the media are always focusing on the little issues because that is what the big and bad men want to, then that becomes our cause of fire. For instance, the little issues of Starbucks's new 'less Christmas-y' design cups change our focus from what is essential. Same for India. Having lived in India for long and having changed so many schools during my younger years, finding and meeting new friends from all religion, caste, and language has taught me one thing- we are very tolerant and adaptable. Of course, there are going to be people who do not fall under that category. They are the ones who are using the 'divide and rule' method and trying to break up our unity. However, if we focus on that, then we are probably going to call India the most intolerable as we have a diversity that not many can boast of. Let us look at that beauty in diversity, let us give back to those filthy politicians who are defaming the country and its people, the media which spreads negative messages and creates a fire out of everything, and those negative vicious elements who are disturbing our peace.

Let us all remember the pigeons- they stand for peace, freedom and also remind us of that old childhood story which tells us about how they hoodwinked the hunter and flew away with the net! 
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