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Day 152: O yay Punjabi!

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Punjabi is now the official third language in the house of commons in Canada. After English and French, it is Punjabi as there are many Indians whose mother tongue is Punjabi in Canada. That is such a terrific news. On the other side, we can also think about how funny sardar ji jokes go around the country (our own) where we portray these nice folks to be naive and dumb and now they have been able establish and spread their roots elsewhere. They have created businesses, taken up positions, own companies, run stores, well, the list goes on.  In this day and age of having easy access to move between nations and around the globe, in true sense, we are all global citizens. With travel, we can and should be allowed to find our new home. In countries like Canada, Australia, and a few others the migrant population are easily provided the permanent residence status and this attracts many immigrants. As I was reading this news, I was thinking of the various issues many Mexicans face as they move to this country. The Syrians who are homeless and migrating to the closest European nations, the Thai, Burmese, and Bangladeshis who move between nations to find a land of their dreams. The dissatisfaction and discomfort of their motherland is what drives them to shift base. Yes, as kids we are always asked to write essays about brain drain in India. This sure is. However, we must remember that people flock places based on the opportunities it provides. In this day and age, we know the ways in which international countries operate. Yeah, living in an alien nation is always hard as we have more responsibilities to adapt and acclimatize to that culture. However, once we do, we find that new home, as much as we miss the old one. 

Imagine how it will be 100 years later. Just like how we have many of our families moving back and forth between the various states in India has established their own new mixed culture or just maintained their old traditions (like a friend who said that his family was originally from West Bengal but had settled in Lucknow for over 250 years. However, even now they still continue to speak Bengali and are married only within Bengali families). It is such an interesting phenomenon. With the traditional boundaries disappearing and more of the rural India is migrating to the urban landscapes, we have the existing urban folks who take that one step ahead and travel to much further places. Who knows what we will evolve to be tomorrow. A 100 or 200 years later, with a probability of many inter racial marriages, the genetic pool will diversify. There will be more (read much more) to study and they will evolve differently. Diseases will be different, the food and cuisine will be different. There is always going to be new beginning, new pathway that will lead us to something we cannot even fathom today. It is indeed a very important topic that can be discussed for long! 
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