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Day 125:Blessed

Picture Courtesy: NBC News 

So, 125th post. This is a post that says I'm thankful for a lot of things in my life. Actually, life itself. I may not be taking my dream vacations (yet). I may not be wearing that beautiful dress I saw somewhere-either coz' I feel I'm not pretty enough or my wallet is not big enough. I may not be getting as many papers published as I want to (yeah, that sucks!). Well, the list goes on. However, I still am very blessed. I am super blessed just like you, the one who is reading this, for you know how to read, you have access to computer, internet, and a roof above you! Well, I was watching a video recently that showed the poor people living in Haiti. The video began by showing people pounding something that looked like a thick batter of mud. Then I saw people making round shapes with it. As the video progressed, I thought these were for making pots or some kind of artifact. However, later the video showed little kids and adults alike eating them! So, then I assumed, it was probably some kind of 'edible batter' that looked weird. Well, actually the volume was down and I was just watching a mute video. And then my curiosity made me look for my headsets and watch the video with full volume. It was a surprise to to see that it was indeed 'dirt or mud' cookies. These dirt cakes are known as 'gallets' and it is made of butter, salt, and dirt and it is not nutritious but surely keeps them alive.

I am not joking and this news is not a scam. As the sources are NBC, Nat Geo and some of the most trusted sources. However, these can be also considered as being mis-reported by a few sites. For instance, the World Food Program says these are not had out of lack of food but as a traditional medicine because of its natural minerals and other properties.

Whatever be the case, the fact that these are used and most of these folks do not even find good and nutritious food for everyday living makes it hard to 'digest'. Yes, life is not always fair. There is always inequality and it is bound to be there. But this surely makes us or teaches us to be thankful for what we have. Thankful that we can eat and wake up to a new day and breath fresh air. It tells us that we can do our little bit by giving back to make lives better for many around us.

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