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Day 120: Changing perceptions: Starting a new month

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      From among the 12 months, I love each month for their own speciality. However, October, November, and December are usually my favorite ones. The reasons are a plenty. It is almost close to the end of the year, there are many of my favorite people who celebrate their birthday, including mine (; . I love Feb, April,and July too for just favorite birthdays (:.  It is also because it is closer to a lot of festivals like Navaratri, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and even if I grew up in cities where there could not be any possibility of snow, it made me feel cozy and happy. So, today, October 1, begins and marks the beginning of a wonderful month (months ahead).

       So, as we begin the new month, I thought I will share a beautiful and simple story that I heard from someone. Well, I'm sure some of you may have come across something like this (either the very same story or a different one) in the past. Once, there was a farmer who had a big cattle barn. He raised cattle for  meat, milk, and farming. He had built a water trough slightly far away from the barn and he used to take the cattle everyday to that water trough. Now, since this was located in a large forest area, the cattle had to pass through a large Oak tree, a group of hemlock, and a huge boulder. The cattle had gotten used to a specific route that first passed by the Oak, then took a winding route around the hemlock, and as they grazed their way, it took another turn near the huge boulder. Every day the cattle herd grazed the same set route twice- to the water trough and then the barn. Now, with time, there were some changes in the whole area. Natural calamity cost  the Oak tree. Some pine eating bugs just ate away the entire hemlock cluster. Finally, the farmer found the boulder to be a stone of value and made money out of it. So, all three important landmarks on the cattle route was now nowhere to be seen. Even without these visible landmarks, the cattle herd walked the same route and took the same winding pathway, stopped at the same place to graze and reached the water trough.

       This story reflects many things. It teaches us about how we as human beings sometimes just walk around with the same perspectives and never look beyond. The perception change is what will help us grow up as human beings. The world, irrespective of any religion or faith or geography believes in one thing, which is , we as human beings have a limitless potential, and we are also learning each passing day. The reason we believe this across different parts of the world is because of how we need to keep evolving every day and change our perceptions and become aware to see the world in a different light. Yes, we all do have our own pet peeves and inhibitions. But, the change in perceptions can and will help us walk a different and new path every time we want. This need not be for small or big things in one's life.  It can be for anything that you want to change. If you think changing the perceptions of smaller things in life adds more to your life, then do it. If not, the bigger decisions, then by all means, do that. It is totally up to us. As we live this life, we have every right to grow and fall down, and stand up again. And with each passing day, we have to evolve to be a better person.
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