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Day 119: Wordless Wednesday : To my hubby

Day 118: Only Mindful-Poetry

Her demeanor and sweet talks,  irked me and made me go mad.  It made me become a person not-so nice. I realized,  It wasn't she who irritated me It was her behavior, her nature,   her reasoning.  I smiled.  I cannot change that.  Nor can I ever make sense. 
I can only change my self.  May be,  by being numb.  Or,  using my pen to write, write my heart out.  If none of it works,  I can always sigh and walk out. 
I know I can only be present at that very moment.  I can only be aware of my own self.  I can only control how I act,  towards a trigger that I do not command.  I can only be mindful,  mindful of the present,  of myself,  that very moment.  
© Meena Arvind 2015
P.S. This is a different style of poetry and I do not if it fits the rules of poetry. Tried writing one that looked a lot more contemporary. Not sure if that worked.

Day 117: Why war?

Common man in every part of this world is fighting his/her own war every day. Syrian war is a perfect indication of the displacement of millions of people from their homeland to places that are far away. Some and most places do not need them as they have their own issues and politics to play and face. It saddens me as I read their journey and their stories. I'm sure, that their purpose in life will be met as they settle and build their roots in these new cities and villages that they move. Even though these Syrians are trying to find space in European countries, most of them are in and around, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. These people struggle to meet their ends meet. The so-called ruler Assad and his glamorous British wife and family are living a lavish life and watching their own country men suffer and die. ISIS on one hand as an external threat and Assad on the other as an internal threat. We do not know if they are playing this together or if they are against each other. What…

Day 116: Foodie Thoughts

Why is food so important in our life? Well, for one it gives us energy to sustain here on earth, give us some energy to work, move, breath and thus, live. From a cultural stand point food also becomes a very important aspect in determining the culture of that society (or country). It is also the first thing that drives consumption. As we know from Maslow's hierarchy we as human beings look for or yearn for various needs at different levels. When we begin, what we yearn (and in turn earn) for is food and shelter. Our biological needs become the most important. Thus, buying food becomes essential for survival. We hunted, then we cooked, then we started bartering, then selling.

Yes, we love other things in life too. We love hugs, we love meeting people, relationship, smile, entertainment and all that. But without food and water, we probably would never be happy and healthy to enjoy those other needs or things in life. It is such an interesting fact that food shapes our culture and o…

Day 115: The Intern: A Review

Sometimes you want to watch a  movie for just one actor. For me it was Robert De Niro. Yes, the new movie  called the 'Intern'. It was a no-nonsense movie, simple, no frills story line, wouldn't say a the screenplay was super tight but it surely was a very pleasant movie to watch. The story line is pretty much a scenario from today's world where you have working women/moms and of course, tech startups. The story is about that and much more. Or so, I think. The start up run by Ms. Hathway is doing well but she is always lost and overwhelmed so much so that she doesn't remember her own employees in that small organization. How can then it be a successful start up? Then again, the story was trying to focus on the generational gap between the young and old in a technologically advanced world. A senior, De Niro was the 'intern' and it showcased the role reversal. I still could not understand if the director wanted us to see how much more values they add or how …

Day 114: Multiply your happy moments!

Remembering pleasant memories always changes or rewires our brain. Well, that is how I would like to believe and that is what I have experienced. As general human nature it is innate in us to remember the negativities and I'm not saying or claiming I am any different. However, trying to remember the pleasant moments are always a good way to keep reinforcing that goodness. I was jotting down the pleasant moments this past week. It made me smile as I thought about these small little things that make us smile. I also  had a discussion with a  couple of grad school friends with whom we discussed the happy moments. We found that these simple moments were making each of us smile. It could be a pet jumping up with joy as soon as you enter the room, or it could be your own child who smiles at you, or another little kid who is excited talking to you, or may be your loved on giving you a big bear hug. The ideas are endless and limitless. It is not that we yearn for that acceptance, but the…

Day 113: Thanks to a great person

This is a personal post. This is to thank a wonderful person I know. He is my A's uncle. The one person in the family who is different (yeah, all of them are unique, but he surely is) and special. He is a great and distinguished professor. He has won prestigious awards for his service to the student community and contribution to research. A genius mathematician and computer scientist, he is the most humble person I have ever met (of course, after my dad). He reminds me of my dad in many ways of being very simple and humble. He has varied interests in old movies, books, and of course, puzzles. Despite his quiet demeanor, he does make his presence felt. I remember a family dinner meeting we had at A's cousin's place and one of our friends was invited for that. Even though my uncle-in-law just stayed for the conversation for about 10-20 minutes, he left a mark and in fact after that, our friend was keen to know more about him than others. He never boasts of his achievements …

Day 112: Wordless Wednesday : First Day of Fall

Image Courtesy: Google Images
Fall is here! First day of Fall

Day 111: Scandal and Trust don't go hand in hand

So, VW is pulling cars out. Why ? Apparently, this once so-called 'most trusted' brand has misinformed the customers and stakeholders by not being so eco-friendly after all. They rigged the emission tests and it has cost the company. Well, yeah, it did save some money for them in the past but now it has turned out to be real expensive. What does this tell us? Trust once broken is hard to make up and is expensive. We have seen this happen many times. However, it makes us wonder how the very innate thing that we as human beings look for in anything- be it business or relationship. At the end of the day every connection we have is a relationship and when we see that there is a big problem with 'trust' we stop relating to that person or business. I wonder how much more will VW spend to gain that back and even if they did, will it all come back? Time will tell. Ah! No, I think trust will, if it comes back.

Day 110: A Fun poem : Ask me Anything

Ask me anything and I'll answer. I will, the way I seek them, I will, the way I see them. what matters is that you can ask me anything. When you ask me about myself I might just have a smile, or may be a slight nod, or i might just be lost.  Still, ask me anything. 

© Meena Arvind 2015

Day 109: What is all that noise for?

Day 108: Random thoughts as I shop hop

Day 107: Google Fortunetelling

This world is a crazy place. It is good but crazy. We have experienced this craziness and are a part of it in our own different way. The world is witnessing this craziness in the recent Syrian crisis. It is amazing how despite the advancements in technology and other developments we are still fighting and some issues remain unresolved for centuries. Probably, it is all in human nature to fight and be aggressive. However, the same technology is helping us connect, empathize, and share whatever we can across the world. Well, that is the other side of human nature, compassion. The technology giant Google has come up with one brilliant fundraising campaign called Google Fortunetelling.

The idea is simple and straightforward. It points to the very 'innate selfish nature' of human beings and gives them a knock on their head reminding them of their larger purpose in life. Watch this link and do make sure that you are sharing the same or contributing, whatever works.

Day 106: Ganesh Chaturthi (or Vinayaga Chaturthi)

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaga Chaturthi. Ganesha, the elephant-headed god is the considered the first god that Hindus pray to before they begin any work-irrespective of which state we belong. So, here is a happy Ganesh chaturthi to y'all and may the best come your way!

Day 105: Wordless Wednesday : MS Amma's Birthday

Day 104: Tuesday Tale - Short and Sweet

She looked at him. It was special. He smiled.
They got up and walked in silence.  There, they had already chosen their destination. Together. 
My first attempt in writing a short (tiny) tale!

Day 103: Mindful Monday

A three-minute mindfulness everyday changes our perspectives. Even when the mind sways between a million thoughts that runs through it every moment, a three-minute mindfulness of 'letting everything be' helps. If I were to give a name to myself the last couple of weeks, it would be- tired, busy, and nervous. Well, should I say, nervous would have been the first word? However, three-minute mindfulness everyday (I used a timer) worked well with me. I was not all that better but surely not bad at all. The three-minute initially was super hard and I was more tensed and nervous and even taking deep sighs. However, once I started making it a regular practice everyday, I was much better. May be had I practiced it the past 3-4 months, then I might have reaped some benefits this past week. Anyways, better late than never!  So, here is a quote for a Mindful Monday!

"Life is like a kaleidoscope. A slight change and we alter our perceptions" - Anonymous  

Day 102: Music from North Sealand

I love music. I love world music and prefer to work with music in the background (only instrumental though). As I had this discussion with my husband's colleague, he showed me his collection of DVD's and CD's. He was also very kind enough to share a couple from his collection. One of it was a collection of wonderful music by a Danish acoustic guitarist, musician and producer, Finn Olafsson.

This was called the 'Music from North Sealand' and it had 13 tracks. Denmark is surely a beautiful place. The composer belongs to a place called North Sealand and he has used his roots as an inspiration to compose a soulful album that represented his native land. The composer has utilized the  beautiful guitars, keyboards, accordions, flutes, bass, and even tablas! This also uses a special instrument called Hurdy Gurdy, which can be called a barrel organ.

Reading a nice book cuddled up in the corner of your house (probably with a cup of hot tea, if possible :)) can make everyth…

Day 101: I wish I had $725 billion!

Money is everything. Yes, it is a strong statement and sadly it is true. When the bigwigs open up their wallets, they play the power game and even the dice plays in their favor. We see that with the Nat Geo- Fox deal. Fox is a sly animal. I never liked them. The media group is very much so. Now, even though the Nat Geo channel has had over 2 decades (or a couple of years less) of partnership with 21st century Fox for distribution, it is sad to see how that sly fox company (Rupert Murdoch) now owns a big chunk of Nat Geo.

Nat Geo magazine began with an intention to support science and research. It was established with a non-profit ideology (Nat Geo Society) and it has consistently funded scientists to conduct research. It has been one such group which has embraced technology for the best and used it to provide deeper insights and research. Now, with Murdoch's 73% stake, this makes me wonder about the state of this 'liberal' magazine (organization). Even though, the organiz…

Day 100: Dr. Oliver Sacks

If you have watched the Academy nominated movie called 'Awakenings' you might have heard of Dr. Oliver Sacks. The movie directed by Penny Marshall (Riding in Cars With Boys, A League of Their Own fame!) and enacted by the late (brilliant) Robin Williams and Robert De Niro was based on Dr. Oliver Sacks's memoir. The book (and hence, the movie) takes us through this neurologist's narration of life histories of a few of his patients. I have not yet read the original book, however, I have read his book, Musichophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. Though, I cannot completely claim reading the entire book, as I had a few chapters pending before I had to turn that back to my library (due to due date and renewal issues), it did bring me closer to understanding this brilliant doctor. A Britisher who spent most of his professional life in the United States, he had a brilliant career as a neurologist and of course, as a writer. He was a regular contributor to The New York Times…

Day 99: Back after a month's break

Truly speaking, there should not be a break between my 365days writing challenge. However, circumstances called for a short break between August 9- September 9, 2015. I will compensate that by adding those to the posts. So, today post is just a picture post for saying 'I'm back' :)