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Day 40: J for Jungle Book

A writer truly colors 'some of his/her self' in the writings. It is like a part of you is used in the creation of the stories as much, the readers create the 'writer' and the characters as they read. Rudyard Kipling, the 'magician' who created this brilliant masterpiece used his childhood memories and senses to create this fantasy. He was born in Bombay (aaj ka Mumbai) to a wonderful couple. He inherited the genes and his early formative years in India colored his thoughts and soul. Even after he moved back to England, the memories remained. He traveled a lot between India, England and even USA throughout his adult life. Jungle Book is a reflection of memories from his past. Jungle Book is not a single novel, as one might presume. It is a collection of short stories, all woven in parallel. Kipling was not just a writer of short stories, he was also a great poet ('If' is one of the best and my favorite ever).
This is based on the original Japanese anime (dubbed in Indian languages)
Picture Courtesy: Google Images
Even before I could read this book, I was introduced to this as a television show. Every Sunday morning, it was a ritual for my brother and me to make sure we watched this show despite the horrible clarity and interruptions that we had with our old little television set, more so, due to the dancing antenna ! It was aired on Doordarshan. We waited to watch Mowgli, the jungle boy learn his life lessons from Baloo, the cute bear, Bhageera, the panther and many others. Every character in that jungle was so 'alive'. The Indian version that we got to see on DD was in fact the dubbed version of a Japanese Jungle book show - Japanese anime, called 'Shonen Mowgli' (Janguru Bukku Shonen Moguri). You can see the difference in how the Mowgli and animals of Japanese anime differed from that of Disney's Mowgli. I'm a big fan of Japanese anime- will write more sometime later. :)

                                             Title song of Indian version of the show (DD)

This is the Disney version of Jungle Book
Picture Courtesy: Google Images 
The title song of this show was just enjoyable. I think it was Gulzar's lyrics with Vishal Bharadwaj's music. As for the Disney version, it is more popular than the book itself since they did not adapt the book's original ideas as it is. In fact, the Japanese version was in between the book and the Disney version of Jungle book.

Thanks to these animations, they did look very 'alive', at least at that age, it all looked real. Anthropomorphism is one of the best ways humans can feel connected to the animal world. We see that being used in advertisements, animated shows, in literary characters - ever since the good old times. I think Jungle book is a great example. The television show is much different that the book itself. Whenever I mention the nostalgic connection, then it is with the television show and not the book, as the book came in my life, much later.

Reading old books is a beautiful thing, since it transports us to a different world, a world we can only imagine. Our mind traverses through different paths  and sometimes we live a hundred in just that moment. As Einstein, quoted "I'm enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Just a little trivia: Did you know that after this book was published in 1894, Kipling also published "The Second Jungle Book" in 1895? Disney's movie -Jungle book 2 is an adaptation of that. And yeah, the "Kipling" brand of fashion handbags was inspired by the name of  Rudyard Kipling and a monkey is the brand identity for the brand. They offer monkey key tags for the zippers and the logo has a long tailed monkey (probably inspired by the 'bandar-log'). 

As I was debating about what I should write for today's post, I thought of many things that was with 'J'. However, Jungle book was one of the top ones. As I have this habit of asking 'A' and sometimes others too for suggestions, I found that both 'A' and 'S', my brother suggested this. Since, all of us thought of the same topic, I decided to give it a shot. Hope y'all liked it. Good night!

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