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Day 3 : The Walk

How amazing she felt as she walked the “ramp” wearing the black gown. She even wore a decorative cap. It was her first time. Her parents sat among the audience and watched her walk the “ramp”. Her siblings were with them, both trying to capture the moments in their phones. These were not camera phones of great caliber, but they wanted to capture that instance, just right. They saw their neighbor use an expensive digital SLR. The man looked like he was from an affluent family. He randomly clicked pictures of the “show”. It was not clear as to who was his focus. May be their sister might also be in a few of his photographs. May be they should ask, they wondered. 
Mr. Perez, an immigrant from Durango, Mexico was sitting there watching his daughter. He was looking elderly and trite, even though he was just in his early 50’s. Nevertheless, his eyes were beaming with pride. As he sat there watching right across, he could still spot his dear daughter’s face among the hundreds of bright and smiling faces. As he watched her, his mind traveled twenty years back in time. When his first child was just 3 and his second one was a year old, he had moved to this country. Paucity changes everything. It makes man move away from his native land. Nicolas believed that America would be his hope. At least, he had heard that hard work never fails here. It was mostly true too in his experience thus far. Nonetheless, it wasn’t an easy journey. After all, he was an immigrant. He had his fair share of struggles here. Still he worked, worked hard for his kindred. He was jubilant seeing his daughter do something special. Her walk would mean she would bring home money and hope. 
Pic Courtesy: Google images

Nicolas looked at his daughter from far thinking, “How little she was. Now, how much has she grown? The values, I taught her, let that never slip away from her thoughts. All I could do was provide money and direction, and now she has chosen her path. Please God, be with her, please bless my child.” Someone calling his daughter’s name, Adriana Liz Perez, interrupted his thoughts. Nicolas and his wife Maria were exhilarated. They couldn’t stop their tears. It was tears of joy. Adriana’s siblings, Juan and little Isabel were also trying to crane their necks past the annoyingly tall guy who was in front. They were still not too tall for their age. There, the chief guest on the dais gave Adriana something that looked like a roll. Then he placed the hood on her. How graceful she looked in that black gown. Nicolas and Maria hugged each other. The kids joined them for a big group hug.

This is the most beautiful ramp walk any girl must try once in her life. No, no, not just a girl, but every individual.

 This was the most beautiful 'ramp' walk their daughter has walked, the graduation walk. They have given her the best gift in life, education. Now, she is an erudite, a Master of science.

There, down stage, Adriana and her friends were ecstatic. They were jumping up throwing their caps high in the air. Yes, now it was time to forget all her hardship. It was the moment for new possibilities. She felt like she was now going to write a new chapter in her book of life. A chapter, where she can give back to her parents, her professors, the society and of course, her science. She smiled.

Education, the best gift anyone can receive. 

This post is dedicated to all graduates (undergraduates too) who have worked their way to success. May gender or race never be an impediment to aspirations of anyone in life. May we find the power to chase dreams.Wishing everyone here (including myself) good luck and good vibes to reach our goals.

Note: Thank you to all my dear friends who have been very sweet and kind enough to congratulate me on this challenge and encourage me to write more. I really appreciate your comments and the time you took to read this page. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.

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