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Day 25: Looking through my coursework for favorites!

Most often than not, I end up spending a lot of time at work (off late). I'm usually zapped and totally drained by the time I am back home. I struggle to get my thoughts lined up and write a good topic here on my page. There are some days, where I even struggle to find a topic. Well, so I decided to base the school as my larger context and seek inspiration for a topic today.

After some thought, this is what I have decided to write- the top 3 courses that I loved taking from my college (in specific). It is actually hard to just say only these three helped, but I am not talking about my cognate classes and just focusing from among those that was offered in my college.

1. A Theory Class by Dr. T: I must say, I was blessed to find this professor. Even though my area of research is not directly related to his research interests, he is so very knowledgable that he can always find a way to help you look at the bigger picture. Theoretical classes, as you guessed, are usually boring. A doctoral level class tends to be for a longer period and with a lot of dense reading too. However, Dr. T being a wonderful teacher, made it one of the best ever. Even though we had students who were from varied disciplines and different levels in the program, it was perfect for each one of us. How amazing right? I never thought I would appreciate theories (which I never did ) so much. Even now, I am not a big fan, but I am not as bad I was before. His assignments were very interesting, even when it was tough. It surely made us go bonkers thinking about the ways we could address our assignments but at the same time, the sense of satisfaction we got, when we completed it and found we actually understood it was great. In fact, the last time this class was offered, one of my other friends from grad school took it and she could not stop raving about it either! This will remain one of my favorite classes ever.

2. Advertising and Society by Dr. H: Another grad level class, where it takes your through the 'institution' of advertising and how that changes the way advertising and marketing (overall) plays a role in the society. It is a subject that can be easily made as boring and need not be appreciated by all. Even when we had grad students, mostly very young and sometimes international students. The readings were dense and hard. However, by the time we were done with the class, he made sure each of us appreciated it and understood the way the institution is set up. The assignments were brilliant Surely, yet another best. It changed how I looked at the world.

3. Advertising Theory and Message Strategies by Dr. T- They tell you that sometimes, just meeting a person once is enough to tell you a lot about how wonderful or horrible they are. This is one of the first classes I took with Dr. T as soon as I joined my program. It was the time, when I could hardly understand the 'accent' here and I was still struggling with the overwhelming load of readings and information (assignments, of course). When I was just mid way through this class, I decided, Dr. T will be my advisor, no matter what my topic is going to be. I think, that is the best decision I have taken so far. He is extremely scholarly and he has a knack to bring even the most complex and sometimes not so interesting topics with such beautiful ease and make it one of our favorites. As always, his assignments were great and he did have a knack to make them hard but interesting. I'm glad I started with this class, because, I am sure, if I did not have this class on my first Fall calendar, I would have probably quit doing my PhD even in the first semester. 

I have one more class to tie to the third spot- Advanced Research Methods Class by Dr. H. This was a smaller class than usual, as I had not many from my cohort who were interested in this methodology and hence, I was the only one who took it then. It was easily boring - in terms of the readings, but the class was something we could look forward too and my base for choosing and appreciating this methodology was because of this class. Dr. H is a talented professor. I have heard he is an excellent singer, actor, playwright and an artist. He is also a teacher par excellence.

So, that is the list of my top 3 from my college. There are other course that I loved but they were from a different college, but relevant to my interest. I see a pattern in what I love. I love the concept of marketing and in specific the larger picture of brands and consumer culture. This is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue this interest. I'm glad, I did. 
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