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Day 2: Why blogging ?

The first thought that came to my mind as I was thinking of a topic for this writing challenge was letting me share my story on blogging. What better title would be apt for  Day 2 of this 365 days of writing challenge other than "Why this blog/why blogging?".

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The story of my blogging journey began some 9 years ago around the same period (It was April 17th).  This page started off as a reply to my curiosity to own my own page online. I wanted a page to write and voice my opinions and thoughts. It was to pacify my journalistic interest. I knew that the internet will help me voice out to a larger audience and that gave me the power similar to that of a journalist. It was also the time we got our first computer. This new opportunity provided in the form of internet and a good computer, helped me learn more about web logs. I loved writing and so, it was nice to use computers to type in my thoughts. As the plain sheets of word document was not that exciting, the beautiful templates and personalized pages of a blog page did trigger that spark of writing.

This page began as "". I remember struggling to come up with a decent title. Even though this title did not make much sense to me, I was struggling to think of any other. I thought of names like "Meenu's page (or was it Meena's?), Meenu Scribbles, Everyday Ramblings and so on. Honestly, I have no idea about it now. All I can remember is how each of these sounded much worse than my original title. I finally decided to go with that.

Once I decided on "Ideas", I also added a tail to it by calling it The reason why I chose "net" is still unclear. May be it was a way to indicate the internet or it probably was to give the larger picture saying "the net" that one casts to catch good ideas! I started off with the blogger platform. By the way, I do have a couple of Wordpress blogs now. The initial momentum to write posts everyday was little less. I had this weird feeling that every single topic, I wrote on my page had to have something to do with "ideas". Else, it was not fair for neither my title nor my blog. I struggled to weave stories around this core "idea". However, I have to thank my earliest blog friends for helping me out. If I remember right, it was Known Stranger who helped me by posting a comment saying that, every post on my page need not be around the title. That saved me and yeah, saved the blog page. I am sure it would have turned out to be a nightmare, struggling to keep up with the title and yeah, maybe I would have driven more people away from my page than having them come back for more.

Somehow,there was this fear of the unknown and the embarrassment of goofing up.When I look back, I wonder how silly I was. It was my own page and I had the right to write whatever I wanted. However, I was confused about those choices and the limit to my freedom of expression. Or was I worried about the fact of being ridiculed for writing "not so well"? I think it was a mixed feeling. I was excited about the fact that the blog was public and hence a larger audience had access to the page and my posts. I was also embarrassed about how much of a shame I could face if I wrote anything silly. So, that fear led me to think that I should always do justice and only stick to what I say in my title. But when that good friend gave better clarity, I started writing different topics. I had a group of regular bloggers from different parts of the world who were always eagerly reading and leaving comments on my posts. I did reciprocate the same way. I remember, I used to be very enthusiastic about this whole blogging. It was like a kid in a candy store feel. I was always looking forward to sharing my moments on that page. Every incident, I encountered, every person I met, I was scripting lines in my head to think of a good topic to write or sometimes, how to write.

I was in awe of the various topics my blogger friends used to write. This friendship was kind of special. We did not know each other, nor did we see each others face through the profile pics, but there was a connection. The bond, was just formed by words and what we wrote on these pages. We encouraged, appreciated, helped, spoke kind words to each other and sometimes shared the lighter moments too but all this was just with words. The comments were kind of a pat on my back. It was like telling me, "you are doing well, go on, write more." For me this page was like a face. A face, that I could create through words. I could create the person I thought I was or I thought the world should know. Over the years, the relationship evolved, changed and with time, there were many more bloggers. Yeah, now it is a lot less as most bloggers moved to different pages or stopped writing or are not regular. I think, the moment I stopped writing regularly, there was a decline in the number of comments I got.  I remember being asked by my friends and teachers about my blog. It was a special thing for them as no one ever blogged. A part of me was not sure of that appreciation as I felt it was not like a big deal and I was just an average writer. But the other part did enjoy the encouragement and it did motivate me to write more. It was as though I was doing something special, you know, like a scientist finding something new or an entrepreneur creating his/her own product and thus a company. This page is like my dear friend who has helped me be a better person. 

As days passed by, I got more involved with my work and so, everyday writing was not that easy nor was I motivated enough. So, the number of entries came down. I surely, did write at least a couple of times a year. Thus, I kept this page alive, just barely alive! I also started many similar blogs (both on WordPress and Blogger) other than this one. Each page was for a specific reason or interest. One was for business writing, while the other was on music. I had one for quizzing and one was for just family. I also kept changing the interface/template by writing my own codes (which I am not doing these days). In fact, I even had a private blog that was just between me and my best friend. We used to (it is still alive but dormant) write letters to each other using that blog. It was during that time I could have really used the title "blogger". I was a true blue blogger in every sense!

I know I am still a novice in terms of writing (both prose and poetry). But blogging did surely help me evolve better as a writer and a human being.

If someone were to ask me as to why I started blogging in the first place, my answer would be that, it was for the love of writing. It was for satisfying my curiosity and thirst on various topics. But now, with time, if someone were to ask me what I thought about this whole blogging journey so far, I would probably have to smile and pause before I answer. Blogging has helped me evolve and document the various phases of my journey of life the last decade. My thoughts and opinions are all on this page. It could be funny when I go back and read them, but it surely did help me shape the personality in me. All I can say now is , thank you, thank you, internet. Thank you to those dear unknown people who are my dear friends, for they encouraged me with every comment and applause. Thank you to my family for encouraging me to write more and yeah, Thanks to God for keeping me sane and giving me the passion to write.

Good night and see y'all tomorrow.

Note: I am only tagging a few of those blogger friends here. Most of them are on my blogroll. 
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