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Day 18: What makes writing so special?

Calvin and Hobbes- Picture Courtesy: Google Image
I am not a good writer. I am just a very average writer. I struggle everyday, to pen just a few words. I smile with joy and of course, a little envy when I see beautiful writing. Yes, probably, my writing is grammatically correct. But, does that alone make it a good writing, or say, great writing ? Not at all.It is like the creative advertisements you see or the movies you get to watch. There are so many ads around us, that follow the definition of what an advertisement should be like. There are movies that get released all over the world (probably, Saudi is an exception:)). But are they all persuasive? Do you find that connection with everything? Of course, not. That is the same with writing. Most people follow the rules of grammar, but that does that make them a great writer. A great writing is one that can bring a smile on your face, tears down your cheek, the spirit to get up and succeed, to laugh from your heart, to cuddle next to your loved one, to contemplate, or to feel connected with the greater good. In short, it should awe you and inspire you. Not every writing does that.  That is why I said, I am just an average writer. However, it does not really mean, I will stay here that same way. I want to and I hope to improve and be better every day. You know, in my program, I believe in one thing, go one day at a time. Yes, I am probably a little nervous and trying to prepare, but I only worry or think about the day ahead. It is hard to follow that, but I manage (or try to manage) most often. That is the same way with writing. It is one day at a time. As I write every day on my blog (and at work), I think, I am becoming more conscious about it and hopefully by day 365,  I hope to make at least some progress.

The reason for this post is because, as I was driving back from work, I kept thinking of ways in which I could frame my answer to a problem (something related to my coursework). I was thinking, why did they want me to write it down for them, I will surely do a better job of presenting the whole idea. As I thought of this, it made me wonder, what makes writing so special?

Even though, I know I am an average writer, I remember being excited about books and notebooks ever since I was little. I have always enjoyed writing.

From the good old times, we have always communicated with each other. The only things that have changed over decades are the font, the content, the style and the medium. Writing has evolved and is a great way to document content and information, shape new laws, share and co-create knowledge. It is actually an incredible way to help build mental health (yeah, I agree. Sometimes, a stress factor too). However, it shapes our malleable brains and gives us more strength than we can fathom. You must have heard of Paul Kalanithi, the very young neurosurgeon from Stanford, who died recently. In fact, he was diagnosed with cancer at its later stage and he found that he had a very short time to live. He was a prolific writer and wrote some wonderful pieces. I have tagged his name to one of his writings. I quote him,  "Words don't cure, but they can calm and connect people, and even heal."

Well, that is what I want to do too. Make that 'special' connection. Writing is all about that magical net you cast to help people travel, your way.

Anyways, will write more tomorrow.  Till then see y'all and good night! 
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