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Day 15: My relationship with my pants! (going to be more about a woman's relationship with her pants :D)

Editor's Note : This is the first time I am attempting to post something that is creative and also humorous. I chose this topic based on a list of  prompts provided on a site that I found with a random google search.  The prompts suggested will really encourage you to think creatively and probably bring in a humorous element. If you want, do try it out.I will really need your suggestions and comments, to improve  and probably see how far I can go at this. I wrote this in less than 20 minutes, once I got the prompt. I did not plan anything ahead! So, kindly excuse if this is totally "unbearable" !  Thank you for your time and looking forward to your comments. 
Happy dance : Picture Courtesy: Google Images
Yes, you heard it right, it's about pants. 

Ah! relationship with my pants? <(breathing heavily)> How do I start? Okay, let me give you an example. Close your eyes now and visualize a scene from your favorite movie. The scene should be something where the hero/protagonist (who is sometimes handsome and sometimes so-so) is following his sweetheart (of course, she is drop dead gorgeous) sighing heavily and just standing lost in thoughts and speechless at her beauty and finally standing dejected at himself for not being able to confess his love. 

Now, if you are like me, you might visualize the heroine (who is cute and bubbly) just dreaming about her tall, dark and handsome, "manly" man and just trying to follow him and grab his attention, but sad when she realizes she is not even visible to him much as that little spot on his car (yeah, for a Malayalam movie buff, OSO is one of the recent favorite, more about it later). 

Yes, you see that now? It is like that unattainable love affair. It's all one-sided. If you want to think of a woman's relationship (especially, mine) with her (my) pants, well it is pretty much just one-sided a lot of times. Either she is too pretty for it or she is too petite for it. Sometimes she can fit in "parts" and other times, she can hardly get out!

Ah, now I can see y'all smile. Memories, right ? Umph! I am now thinking of those beautiful pants that sit on my closet waiting for me to "come back". There are some which are shades of lovely blue and a few that match the running shoes. I love all types of pants- from cotton to corduroys to long and short and sometimes, colors and stripes. I love shopping for yoga and sweat pants as they make life awesome and easy enough to do everyday chores. As for those rugged days, I love my long lasting jeans. Even as I wait to pick some new ones, there are these old and the usual ones I use.  

How easy life is when you have those right pants?  They protect you from the cold, the hail and storm (not the heroic way, just that it keeps us all a little warm).Now, sometimes, I hate those pants when they look so lovely but are never meant for me. It is like the grapes that you can't reach are all sour grapes ;) Of course, a lucky few will always find their love, and for them, their relationship with the pants are usually like "I have them, so I don't care". How interesting! 

Anyways, let me say goodbye so that I wake up early tomorrow and rush to school soon enough probably wearing my favorite grey jeans once again.

There is a voice in my head telling me now that I must stop just sitting and writing all this and instead go and hit the street or the gym  for a walk or run! 
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