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Day 14: Awesome Mondays

Minion Monday- Pic Courtesy: Google Images
I enjoy reading (or skimming) through research papers published in various peer-reviewed journals, even when they are from other topic areas (sometimes, it is especially other topic areas). I read on topics that fascinate me. I enjoy reading from different fields of science and marketing. As the focus is on my area of research, I do not do it regularly. I do try to squeeze in a little free time.  Recently, I happened to read an article on positive thoughts published in a leading Psychology journal. It is an oft-cited article on positive thoughts and human mind.

In this piece, the authors suggest a framework for how the science of positive psychology is going to look like in the future (an older article from the 2000's). As I was reading through this, a word caught my attention in the first paragraph of the article. It was the term "grouchy" (Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi 2000). 

In this article one of the author shares something from his personal experience. It is about a conversation with his five-year old. As the father (the author) yells at his little girl as she keeps playing with the weeds around, that they were clearing from their garden, the girl says something extremely commendable. She tells him how at three years of age, she used to whine a lot. Now, after turning five, she has changed her whining to no whining state. She tells him, how he can change his grouchy attitude just the way, she could change hers. Kids! Yeah, they are a handful. 

Well, even though the author goes on with the topic, I thought of the word, grouchy. We are all grouchy at different times on a scale of varying degree. A few of us are always grouchy and a few others are grouchy  only at times. There are surely a few around who do not fall in to this category.Today being Monday, my thoughts went back to the usual Monday Blues that we get to hear from people around us.  I remember the time when I used to work in India and every time at the start of the new week, there used to be posts on my newsfeed or someone used to crib at work about how they hated coming to office on a Monday. I have never felt that way (yet and hopefully never), but I was surely more excited about the weekends.

How wonderful will it be if all of us felt that it was an Awesome Monday instead of singing the blues (by the way, I like that genre of music :)).

Personally, I have felt a difference, whenever I started a week on a positive note. I  have found myself to be slightly more productive whenever I felt or thought positively. Yes, people who want to disagree with me, might call it a placebo. Placebo or not, it works. Positive thoughts do not inhibit better work, it betters work. Agreed that it is super difficult to do. Trust me when I tell you, I dread thinking of writing this blog at night as I am extremely tired and a deadbeat when I get back home after a  long day at work. If I do not have even an iota of positivity in me, then I don't think I can pull this challenge (or pulled it so far). 

So, I think we must all start our week on a positive note. Even if you are not super excited, that is okay, just don't crib. May be talking to someone you love, giving a hug to someone dear, watching a funny movie or read something nice, or maybe just a nap. Anything to keep your spirits high. Even though the  "Awesome Monday" concept has been around for a while, somehow it hasn't really become that popular yet. 

I hope that I did not come across as being preachy. This wasn't for that, I was just sharing a good thought! 


Seligman, Martin EP and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Postive Psychology : An Introduction. Vol.55, no.1. American Psychological Association, 2000.
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