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Day 10: 10 Books I Love : Part 1

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10th post, 10th day. I am excited. I did not even believe I will be able to survive this long in this journey.  This is surely a great motivation to keep going ahead with this. Anyways, today's post is going to be something very simple and easy to read (and write, for me). As it is the 10th post, thought will do something that connects to that theme. So, I am going to write the list of 10 books I love. It surely is a very hard task but, let me try. May be I will call this post as Part 1.

Growing up, books were my best companion. It still is.  My brother and I enjoyed reading so much that we used to have competition as to who completes a book first (followed by board games and sibling fights, of course:D). Reading stirred my soul and shaped my thoughts. Reading helped me travel to places that I could never have traveled otherwise. I could don many roles and live many lives with every character. Yeah, yeah, I hear y'all ! These are, of course, the very same statements every book lover will make! Nevertheless, going on to my story, the characters were like my best friends. It was like, we had our secret world. We could talk there, in fact a lot of times, I could be just walking around with the character, invisible to everybody, except the protagonist. I remember reading by hiding my books between the school textbooks and even taking them to the bathroom on a weekend, when I will probably have a longer time to take a nice oil bath. I would end up sitting there with the book and reading it for a very long time. The bath probably took just 5-10 minutes, but I was never out for a long time. The rest of them at home used to think I was taking a nice long shower.  That is how crazy I was. The subject books were mostly boring and once I was in my study room, it was homework and study time. So, the bathroom reading was like a curfew/rule free zone. Those were the days! Of course, I don't do it now! These are all memories from the past.

With my dad's transfer, we had to move to different places throughout our school life. Sometimes, it was a big city and at other times a smaller town. So, we did not find a big book store or a great book fair every place we went. Thankfully, we did see a couple of libraries- both government and private. We used to be a member and if it was a private library, we could pick books and pay per book (in addition to the membership fee). We were thrilled to move to Chennai. We had the best bookstore/s possible. Libraries too. "Landmark," the bookstore used to be my evening spot on my way back from work. Just sitting there and browsing through the books, sometimes even sitting there and reading, it was just fun. I usually had my brother with me or my mom, and even if I had to go alone, I never felt lonely when I was "between/with" books.

Reading was (and is) always magical. There is something about a book and the words. Now, as I struggle to even write this blog post (or my papers at school), I wonder, how blessed these writers are as they are able to take a reader with them on a journey, on their story. Ah! How I wish, I can do that some day!

When I look back, I realize, I am not even reading 1/2 of what I used to read as a kid/teen/young adult. May be it is time, I did something like- One book a week and then post about it!

Anyways, this post will contain only titles, the author and a very short description. I will elaborate more some other day (probably another post) ! A few months ago, a couple of my friends tagged me on social media to list the top 10 books (this was like a big thing then). I did write down a list, I am not exactly sure what I listed there. So, I hope not to repeat the same (If I do, ignore).

So, here it goes (in no particular order of preference).

1. Harry Potter Series: J.K. Rowling : I'm still waiting to hear from the Hogwarts school admission desk ;)!
2. Count of Monte Christo: Alexander Dumas : Gripping and surely one of my most favorite ever!
3. The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini : Did someone say this was his debut? Just amazed and shaken.
4. Right Ho, Jeeves: P.G. Wodehouse : Laugh riot !
5. Sherlock Holmes collection :Arthur Conan Doyle : Not a single dull moment. Arthur, the master.
6. Scarlet Pimpernel : Emma Orczy : Brilliant, fun and classic novel.
7.The Diary of a Young Girl :Anne Frank : No words.
8. A Thousand Splendid Suns : Khaled Hosseini : I cried.
9. Tuesdays with Morrie : Mitch Albom : I cried even more.
10. Abhimanyu: Amar Chitra Katha : Eternal. I love the entire ACK collection, but this stands out.

Thank you. Do share your thoughts on which are your favorites too. Since, Soumya said she doesn't mind writing about general topics on her blog, I will tag her here. The rest of my friends, I don't have your blog list, so please leave a comment and let us see what other list of books we can share with each other. 
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