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Anne Frank once quoted, "I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear and courage is reborn." How true! This has been (and still is) true for me too. Even before blogs came into existence, I used to maintain a journal (many diaries) to try and write down my thoughts. If I were to go back and read those notes now, it might sound gibberish and very stupid. It really does not matter now. At that time, this writing was like a window for me to breath in the fresh air of thoughts, feel special, know that I can do better. It was like a secret friend with whom I could share my heart (not like Tom Riddle's diary!). I remember how my time with my brother encouraged me to write more. We enjoyed reading books and that was our favorite pastime. He was/is good at writing. He is a creative writer too. In fact, he had an interesting blog site too. It is sad he stopped using that now. Anyways, a specific idea/thought has been on my mind for long. I have been just procrastinating that for some reason. This blog post content's initial couple of lines have been sitting in my drafts (read sleeping) for long.

Anyways, the idea that I want to implement is a challenge for myself. It is to write every day. Post something on my blog every day for the next 365 days. This means until May 2016. This challenge is to help me focus my energy the right way, train myself to be a better writer, also commemorate the 10th birthday of this dear blog page in 2016 with something special.

Of course, blog posts can be the random scribbles from my "sometimes mundane" life or the "most times interesting" life moments. Well, you see, I'm an optimist! It could be reviews, of books, music or movies. It could an update of my school work or my passion. It could be a thematic write up for a week or sometimes a month or it could be just one of those silly poems I pen once in a while. If time runs short and I cannot spend a lot of time during the course of this journey, it should be at least a two line quote, which, of course, will have to be a quote written by me or it could be a picture post with of course, a picture taken by me! In other words, there has to be a story every day. A story, that is close to my heart or just speaks my heart. It can be true, imaginary or a reflection of someone's story.

I hope this will be an interesting journey for me as I write and a happy time  for y'all to read too. I will try my best to keep the posts interesting and readable! Need your encouragement and prayers. God bless me and y'all for your time.

So, the journey begins......... TODAY.


It is May. Already 4 days gone. How fast! Time just flies. I have the biggest step or challenge to face this year. This needs preparation and I am trying to do my best. However, it all seems to be going at a snail's pace for me. But time, just flies. It is like that wind that causes the calendar pages to flutter. My time for preparation is just flying by. This does not mean I am super busy. Just the usual school work, house stuff and 'me-time'. But despite not being tht busy, I have been keeping a low key in my social life. Not intentional. Just happened. Most of my time is spent at home or at work. The only people I meet are my school friends (the university here) and my hubby. Else, I end up just keeping in touch over the phone with my best friends and family (that keeps me sane). I also end up watching some movies at times (most often Malayalam/Tamil). The non-academic books I get to read keeps my mind active (I need change). The book I am reading now is called "Following Fish" by Samanth Subramanian. It is a wonderful read so far and the author has taken me on a travel with him. Even though I am a vegetarian and I do not intend to eat fish anytime in life, I have enjoyed the journey of following fish so far. This book is a great read for food, travel and trivia lovers. This style of writing (narrative journalism)is one of my favorite kind. I do not know this author in person, but I have seen him during my quizzing trips (specifically Landmark, Chennai). He is a very popular quizzer. Other than that, music keeps me going and yeah, cooking too. Quizzing is something I would like to bring back, but I am (most often) very lazy or disorganized that I am not making much progress. 

Anyways, I hope that this system of writing one post a day can help me focus better and do more every day. I am also going to be busy this summer with a couple of classes. Looks like that has a lot of reading, other than my preparation material. God help me!

It is already late and so, I am signing off for today. My prayers to those who are in Nepal and all who lost their loved ones in that calamity. Hope Nepal revives quickly from this catastrophe. On the other side of the world, there is a new princess in the royal family. Well, so much happening around. I am sure, I won't be running short of ideas for my challenge. So see you tomorrow,

I end with a quote: “The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words." - William.H. Gass, A Temple of Texts. 

Best wishes,
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