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Birthday wish for someone special!

So, yesterday was my dear blog's birthday and today my dear mom's!

So, before I am off to bed, I would like to write a wish for my mom on her birthday.

A mother is always special for every child. And every child feels their mother is the most beautiful and wonderful person they have ever met. So is it for me. I just love my mom (and dad of course!). Having grown up in India, I have lived with my parents till my marriage and moved out to the US with my hubby. As my achan was always working and busy, my amma was the person who was around for most of our (my brother and I) everyday needs. Now, even after over 3 1/2 years of marriage,  and calling K-town my home, I miss the "home" where my parents live.  Yes, thanks to technology, I do talk to them everyday but it is still not the same given the different time zones and work hours. However, one beautiful thing is that with time and now the distance, I connect to my amma more than ever.

What do I miss other than that ? …

9 years of joy- A very happy birthday for my blog with "The Buddha"

This day, 9 years ago, I created my first blog page. This one. It has been a great journey looking at how this blog has shaped my way of expressing my thoughts, painting my mind. I have evolved better as a person and as a writer (long way to go, I agree!).

Here is a small poem I wrote recently titled "The Buddha". I dedicate it for my dear blog's 9th birthday.

The Buddha

Do you think the world sees me for who I am ?
Or does it only see my contour in this big wide world?
It does not really matter if the world likes me or not.
Nor does it matter if anyone respects me or not.
When I sit still and let my consciousness run deep,
I realize this beautiful truth.

The "I" in your "you" and the "you" in your "I" are all just one and the same.
After all, we are parts of the same universe.

Thank you my dear friends for reading my page and I really look forward for many more comments and encouragement!