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On a Snowy Day

It is mid Feb or rather just 10 more days for the new month to begin. I sit at home, trying to read some materials for my comps. As I sit on my couch in the living room, I look outside through the blinds to see the 'chaotic dance' of snow. It may be chaotic, but surely one with a rhythm.

Something as sweet and peaceful as the white sheet of snow can inspire writing... well, so here is one from me!

On a Snowy Day

Falling down from up above the sky,
beautiful elegant snow-fairies,
I watch them as they descend to the ground
and spray an even coat of white.

Oh! For sure it does look serene and lovely,
watching little kids have all the fun.
They try to sledge down the little hill,
in their purple puffer coats and bright blue mitts.

As the snow-fairies waltz around
they do their lovely dance. 
An average mind sees the chaos,
but it's a dreamy and rhythmic dance
for the whimsical few around.

I love to sit and watch,
of course, from the cozy inside,
feeling warm and protected,
from the brazen cold outside.

I don't know what makes me smile,
is it the placid coat of white ?
Or, is it the waltz of the snow-fairies?
Is it the chirpy little children sledging down for fun ?
Or, the fact that I have a cozy place to cuddle and watch from my den?

I wonder...

-Copyright ©2015 Meena Arvind. All rights reserved.

Note: I have changed the title of my blog page ! Thought it is time for some change :)
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