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The Maple Tree

There stood a maple tree, right outside my door.
It adorned our front yard by standing tall,
and concealed our windows by guarding us all.
I used to sit by my table hoping to work,
but there were times when I was lost,
watching my maple's magnificent charm. 

Little birds flew by and made it their home.
Some just sat there and chirped all along,
while a few others, pecked at the bark.
I could recognize a few, like, one I was sure
was the American Goldfinch which was all yellow and light.
Then there was this little red bird,
that reminded me of the ones from "angry birds".

I did watch the branches sway gently,
And the leaves waving to the rhythm of the wind.
I could hear the rustles when the wind blew,
Making my mind sway in it's happy sweet tune. 

Seasons changed and so did the tree.
Spring looked lovely and fresh,
with green leaves and blooming buds.
Branches looking all ready to hold the new leaves
and welcome new birdies.

Then came the summer rains that lashed …

A verse for one of my "maash"!

As I post this my thoughts are with a person who was (still is)  like a guru to me. Or should I say is my guru. He was a mentor and a wonderful guiding force. For some reason, I somehow lost all contacts with him. The last time I emailed or heard from him was when I invited him for my wedding. I post this poem thanking him for being a great teacher. He is Ravi, a corporate trainer. I called him Ravi maash (as that is how i used to address him. maash is the malayalam word for a male teacher).

A small verse  from one of my poems I wrote long back. It was titled as "NEP- Never Ending Poem". The plan was to write it as long as possible on a topic as generic as: Life. Anyways, I am not too keen on posting the poem that I have written so far as I think it is still incomplete and the end for it has a long way to go. This is just a small part of that poem. Part of the poem had verses penned by my teacher, this sir. Of course, the verse posted here is from my part.

I had planned on…

Bye- Bye September and Hello October !

As i wrote last month (or was it August?? ;)) about how i will use this page to keep writing about my preps and motivate myself for that, here goes my start for the month of Oct. Well, it is already a day over in October! Woah! How fast! Isn't it? So, bye bye September and hello October!

As a new month begins, new hope blooms and everything feels positive. The fear, of course is that the time is on a roller coaster ride. It is just zooming past at the blink of an eye. I am still working on my proposal and trying to figure my niche and interest. It seems like a long journey. Some days are hard, and most others are harder!

In the meantime, if i have to update about what is happening the past few weeks, then I should talk about the events we organized in Knoxville for our Indian Student Organization-Manthan. Even though I could not spend all my time at the events, I enjoyed whatever little I did. I am glad to be a part of such a vibrant, positive, sweet and in short- an awesome tea…