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Memories ......

It has been a long time since i posted. Today is my blog's birthday. Yes, 8th birthday:) It has been 8 long years since I started writing on this page. Of course, I have not written much in last couple of years. Anyways, wishing my own blog a hap hap happy birthday!

So, what have I missed sharing? Well, nothing much a racing fast semester, missing India, missing my parents and family, well, nothing much other than that! As a birthday present, thought will write about something that I love...

My native :) I come from God's own country. I really miss my native a lot more after coming to the US. I stayed in Chennai for over 7 years but still, my state, the state of Kerala remains very close to my heart.. Growing up and living my early days in this state mostly in Trivandrum, the capital city, I have some wonderful memories. It starts with the  scent of coconut trees, jackfruit trees, the grass, hibiscus and what not. I remember the essence of beautiful earth when the first drop of rain hits the ground, the walks to temple, the zoos, the museum, Shangumugham beach, eating peanuts with dad, walking the whole distance with my dear dad on Onam and munching peanuts, the school, the wonderful smell of tiffin boxes when we opened during lunch time at school, the brown color "Chinmaya" uniform students walking around the small school campus, rushing out of the gates to meet my mother to walk back home, writing homeworks, hating it every time, playing "the times table" and other quiz contests during the load shedding time every day with dad and brother, the sound of the generator on the corridor of our apartment/flats, playing carroms, chess, little genius, book competition (who finishes reading a book first!) and what not.....

Pictures of Vadakkumnathan temple- my aunt(the left corner) and my parents(the right corner) in front of Vadakkumnathan.
I also very much miss the travel to my native town of Trichur where my grandma lived, the train travel watching out through the window seats talking to my brother and reading story books that dad got for us during our trips,  the temple visits, the swing, walking around the house picking stones, leaves, small coconuts that fell from trees, helping dad with the garden, playing with bro and tailing my big sis... Well, there is something special about that connection. I miss Trichur even more. I miss my grandma too {she passed away 10 years ago :( }.  Not that I have very great memories of being with her when I was very young, but I do, about the time when I was much older and when she stayed with us for a long time. Today also happens to be my grandma's birthday. Interesting eh? Well, my mom's birthday is tomorrow :) MIL-DIL connection!

I miss the rhythm of my native language, the water from the well, the fights, going over the trunk full of dad's old books, looking at old black and white pictures, everything.... I am missing everything around, I think I belong to. I cannot rewind anything now, these are just memories. Sometimes sweet, yet at times, bitter but these memories make me who I am. I miss everything about my native. I long to be there many a times, it is a kind of yearning that I cannot define or express. Who is there now? What will I do? I don't know 1 Sometimes, I just want to rent a car and just drive around, walk around our old house, wish I can help my parents remodel and set up a new home for them to stay, well, these are just dreams, who is going to stop me from dreaming :). I do not have any friends there in that state, but there seems to be a strong connection that draws me to my place, the place where I really belong.

This post is dedicated to my grandma - Meenakshi thathi (my dad's mom), my native Trichur, my parents and bro for all good memories they have given me to cherish and of course, this blog as a gift on its 8th birthday!

And yeah, wishing my mom a wonderful and happy birthday in advance :)

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