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Back again from a hiatus. There has been a lot happening in the past few months. It just seems as if the semester began only a few days ago but when I take a pause to breath I realize that its only going to be a few more days before the semester gets done! Phew! That seems like a roller coaster ride! I have had my ups and downs through the semester, but then you understand that life just goes on. You also get to understand that there is nothing that is going to stop you from being you except yourself. Yeah, elements outside  can/do impact our inner balance, but then it is just our illusion and most times we fall for it and hence feel there is an imbalance.

This semester is just packed.  With four courses to learn and one to teach, I am all just tied up and sometimes tired! I enjoy it but then, it sometimes is overwhelming. I like teaching. It is beautiful and despite it being early morning (the very first class schedule, of course, not at dawn!). I sometimes wonder, if it is me or the students who are tired with this morning time. Teaching actually (especially teaching here in the US) is teaching me qualities of being more patient and trying to make the best of what I have. I hope i am a good student and am able to follow that and be a better person and teacher too (if i were to continue !). Well, i am having a much better time slot next semester but a hard schedule with three classes a week! Well, that is to worry for the next and not now :). By the way, yeah, belated Diwali wishes to all of you! Hope you had a good one.Diwali here was just too simple. Of course, lit lamps and it was a nice thing.
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As for my course work, I am taking Stats, an advertising course, one advanced methods course and a course from my cognate area :children in society. Well, everything is just packed and keeping me busy - super busy. Statistics is actually nice but not nice on me :D I certainly have improved! I hope to do well :) I will take a couple of more stats courses if time permits as i am planning to do my independent research from next semester and taking a couple of other doc level courses. 
I have so much to pen, but at times i feel there are certain things that is better left unsaid. This semester I have also learned one more thing which is to only trust yourself, no matter what others tell you (especially about you and also when you hear comments about someone else). Do not judge the other person by what you hear about them. Experiences are the best teachers, aren't they?

What else ? And yeah, it is Fall season here, beautiful but getting colder everyday. They expect it to snow tomorrow and we are still in Fall!! Yes, one more good news was when one of my good friend got selected for the finals in Oman - for Times of Oman Open Quiz. His team won the 5th spot in the finals too. Yay ! Way to go Karthik! He is the founder of Indian Quizzing League and I am a member of this group :) Of course, i am like a little squirrel that helped Sri Rama's journey to Lanka. Well, i use this analogy to compare myself to that squirrel because, the folks in IQL are all super quizzers and are passionate about what they do. I am just a little amateur who wishes to be there but just trying. Of course, with my PhD i have not had enough time to get on to hone my interest but i should say, that this group and the members do inspire me!

I also had my first experience hosting the Diwali function organized by the Indian Student's association at my university called "Manthan".  It was a beautiful program and everyone who performed - be it dance or music were just fabulous!

Also, do keep those who have been affected by Haiyaan. It is sad that the government could not do much despite expecting such a disaster. It is also shocking to see that the whole of Philippines is shaken, even though they see such calamities very often and we might just expect them to equipped well to be safe, but looks like this is the worst nightmare that has struck them! Atleast, do pray for them.  

I hope to write more soon..

See ya soon. Have a good night and good day (for the rest of the world :))
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