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I have always thought, I will be regular on my blog but it has not been possible. I pen many thoughts- both in my mind and on the page and leave it incomplete. I have wanted to share about how my very short break between summer courses and end of spring semester just raced past. I have been wanting to do a lot in between this period: a short break of almost 12-15 days. However, I don't even remember how I just forgot that I even had a break time!

We were able to take a short trip to Savannah, GA for two days and that was a beautiful trip. Two days in Savannah cannot be enough to complete the city so we would like to go back once again and enjoy the beautiful and oldest city of Georgia.Then, all set with the shifting arrangements to the new place. All the packing and setting up things took a while and by the time we could realize, my classes began. It is a new and intense course for summer as the entire course has to be completed with a month and the syllabus will need to cover what can be covered in 3 months. However, for the past couple of classes, I love this course and I love the topics and area we are covering. It is a wonderful and bright cohort.Yes, it is really intense with a lot of reading and I am not sure how i will be good enough in taking this through but I hope I do it well.

At our new place, we have a maple tree. The study room has a window that faces the tree and I am loving this spot even if i dont seem to be actually using this place for studying but for everything else:). I love to give a name to things and Arvind seems to be okay with that too. So, have named the tree "Kalpadruma" or "Kalpavraksha". Haha, yes, we know it is funny but we seem to like that idea and it feels nice to watch those little black birdies that hop around from various branches. These little things in life, help in painting the wall of life with some sweet and wonderful shades that even the big ones would not provide!

The one good thing about this summer season is that I will have some more time to work around at home and hence, more time to cook. I enjoy trying out some new ones and this second anniversary (yesterday) surprised my hubby with vegan apple cinnamon muffins. Yes, I enjoyed it thoroughly and I love the fact that I could actually get it done even with him around at home. It was a simple stay at home anniversary but we enjoyed every bit of it.

I am reading a book now called " The cute and the cool" by Gary Cross. It is a very interesting and good one, something I have been looking for a long time. I have a big list of books that I want to read quickly, a big  list of movies that I want to watch (Shame, I have not despite being a movie buff!).

Anyways, I have been thinking of ideas on how and what I can do to write every day on this page. So, have been dabbing with some ideas and may be soon, will incorporate that.:)

So, see yeah!
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