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What did I learn after marriage?

It has been a while. I have been running around with my school work and could not update my blog page. Even on my blog's birthday :) A happy 7 years. 

 So, why this topic?I have been married for nearly 2 years now and the last few months of my life has been stressful with loads of work to do. It is interesting how this has helped me understand better how important it is to have a great and supportive husband who is ready and is there for you. Thanks to Arvind, that I have completed my second semester. He has been an amazing husband and friend. Of course, just like every other relation: friend or spouse, we have had our differences and struggles. It is natural and we have been moving on with things. This got me thinking of writing a note on my lessons I learned from my marriage so far.

So, what does marriage mean? The dictionary meaning would say, the bond between the man and the woman (or same sex). However, I liked the point where it said, that it means a close and intimate relati…