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The puppet!

She smiled,
innocent and nice
They smiled back,
Alas! She did not realize.
Everything just fell in place,
so fast and so quick,
that she did not reflect,
on her thoughts.

Conversations proved,
the "true" colors,
the changing skin and changing tone.
She swallowed her pride,
silently took it to her stride.

Now, -
she is family,
or so she is told.
thankful to her sweetheart,
she does feel "it" once in a while.
Rest of the time, she is all sore and hurt,
with words that look like honey coated spikes!

Trying to keep her cool,
she walks through their path.
The lies and manipulations,
she is done with that.
She feels like a puppet
all tied up and rocked.
She doesn't know where else to go,
or what else to do.
Now, all she has is the hand she held
and walked in to this home,
The hope,that it was meant to be
all good and bright.

May be it is time to just,
walk away-
bold and fearless.

May be it is time she gave it back,
stern and assertive,
she doesn'…

Slithering evil

Evil snake has risen from hell,
Slithering around and killing for fun.
A little girl was found in its spell,
frightened and shivering
(i hope) She did survive from hell.
Will she even remember, what was it like,
To be cuddled, kissed and embraced in love?
Those slithering hands and the venomous touch has ripped out her soul and crushed
such a beautiful life.
Oh! you power-drunken fools,
You can only afford to smile for a little while
those alter egos and the boiling souls
are now on the rise.
The only way to crush the evil
Is to cut its ”tail” and burn it to death.
I wish, I wish and I wish this happens
For those evil stares and venomous hands
don’t deserve to be alive even in jail !!