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Mid semester shocks and way of life....

Can you believe it is almost mid March! This semester seems to be like on roller skates. All I can remember is having stood on a pair of skates and now I am just zooming on my way and I cannot believe that I am just having a month and the rest of March in hand to complete the 2nd semester.
I am enjoying the semester in terms of the subjects / courses I have taken. Even though one of courses seemed very hard for me in the beginning, it is shaping up to be interesting and exciting. I of course, enjoy the Qualitative and the theory class the most. I am blessed with the best professor I can ever ask for in my life - Dr. Ronald. E. Taylor. I really like him so much that I sometimes see myself as "Dronacharya-Arjuna(and I being more of Ekalavya :))" kind of relationship with him. I always pray to God for him- he is a very genuine and wonderful person and a teacher and mentor par excellence.

Dr. Micheal Palenchar, who teaches the Qualitative Part I is also very genuine person an…