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Media n Society!

This semester, I have taken one core class on Mass comm theory for research. It is a very interesting and wonderful class and all the more so with my favorite professor teaching this class. He is an excellent mentor and teacher and that is all together a story for a separate blog post! 

So, now talking about the classes, we have this  every Wednesday. Just like any other American university, we have loads to read before the class and that is usually the discussed the next day/week/session. The readings given for this class is of course, interesting and thought provoking. Yesterday's  class discussion had one reading on Payne study which is about the media effects on children. It was one of the oldest and earliest study done to understand the effects of movies on children. It did take me back to various train of thoughts. I am a very creative person, or at least one who loves a creative and expressive form of communication to paint my thoughts. I appreciate creative ideas and though…

New year and new semester!

Happy New year! 
Yeah, yeah, I am late. Nevertheless, wishes for a wonderful and beautiful new year ahead. 
My winter holidays has now come to an end and new semester is on. Last semester was a good one. I cannot say a wonderful one but surely decent one. I had to do Philosophy of science, quantitative methods and an advertising communication class. The last one was my favorite. May be, it has to do much with the professor who taught ! He is one of the best professor I have ever seen. Thanks to him, i love to be there. The other professors were great too. I only wish, I had a great bonding with all friends. They are really wonderful and great cohort to be with but surely, I only get to talk or bond with them (intellectual/personal/professional levels) only during the 3 hours of class each day. However, I have now found a wonderful friend, Jinhee. Even though we dont get to study together as she is in her Master's program. She is my library partner and we just sit together and wor…