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Words! Aren't they very important? How many times have you smiled when someone complimented you for your looks, your cooking or your talents or whatever. Haven't you felt happy and awesome? Well, in case the person had told you things like good-for-nothing, stupid, ugly, horrible, you don't know anything etc., etc.!!! So, you can imagine how much of a difference it did create? 

Every single word one utters is important. You can have fun but not at the expense of others. Sense of humor is always appreciated but it must be within its limits. Even a critic should help in the growth of an artist/person.

Yeah, may be one can argue that the words shouldn't affect them, it should help them fight against it and disprove them! True, you must go against the wind and not with it. But then, we are human beings. We have something called heart and soul. The unfortunate thing is that once the words shoot straight to the subconscious mind and incidentally if the mind doesn't fight back and not heed to those words (whatever be the reason), then imagine the impact it will cause! 

There is some Kannada quote which actually means something like this,

When you speak, your words should be like a necklace of beautiful pearls. It should be pure like the white pearl, it should shine like a diamond, and it should be transparent like a crystal. And the effect of your speech should be such that even Lord should nod his head in agreement.

Now, I am not saying that the one must not scold, reprimand, critique or so. Yes, all these are essential but they must not mar the person. There is a story i read sometime back in Paulo Coelho's blog. It is a story by Priya Sher. The original blog link is here ( 

I am sharing that story here. It is something that is adapted from some old folklore. But nevertheless, it's awesome. I have taken the story from this link-

Two young kangaroos were playing in the forest when they fell into a very deep pit. They tried to jump out but couldn’t jump high enough to get out of the hole.
Meanwhile, a big group of kangaroos started gathering above the pit – the pit was very deep and the gathered onlookers shouted to the two young kangaroos that it was impossible for them to get out. The older one of the two kangaroos heard the disheartening words of the spectators and after a while gave up and fell asleep, whilst the younger kept jumping and trying harder.
Finally, he managed to jump out of the hole – the spectators were shocked and asked the kangaroo,
“When we had told you so many times that it was impossible to get out, what was the reason that you tried even harder?”

The kangaroo was shocked because as he was partially deaf. He told them:
“Looking at all of you standing there cheering me gave me the strength to succeed in my mission of getting out of the pit.”

Always remember the affect your words have on others. 

Well, hasn't the books you read changed your life? Newspapers in India during the British rule helped in inspiring public to join hands against the British. Didn't the powerful words help them build spirited team of freedom fighters? Well, aren't advertisers using the same thing these days?  Aren't the messages worded in such a way that it can make you try (and then later love) their brand/product? 

So, whenever you are going to talk to someone, please realize that every word you say can make a difference. You needn't be extra sweet and be superfluous. You needn't be just showering praises. You can surely give suggestions and opinions. But then your words should be able to help them change for the better. Not regret the existence. 

“Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.”

This is a topic that can go on and on! But I am now going to bade good bye! 

Hoping to hear from you and will see you soon.

Good night ! 

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