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Words! Aren't they very important? How many times have you smiled when someone complimented you for your looks, your cooking or your talents or whatever. Haven't you felt happy and awesome? Well, in case the person had told you things like good-for-nothing, stupid, ugly, horrible, you don't know anything etc., etc.!!! So, you can imagine how much of a difference it did create? 

Every single word one utters is important. You can have fun but not at the expense of others. Sense of humor is always appreciated but it must be within its limits. Even a critic should help in the growth of an artist/person.

Yeah, may be one can argue that the words shouldn't affect them, it should help them fight against it and disprove them! True, you must go against the wind and not with it. But then, we are human beings. We have something called heart and soul. The unfortunate thing is that once the words shoot straight to the subconscious mind and incidentally if the mind doesn't fight …