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Back to school- The 1 month journey as a doctoral student in the United states!

Back again : But now I am student! Yeah, yeah, I do know we are all students; as learning never stops. Now, I am just Piled Higher and Deeper. Yes, a PhD student! The university I am in to is University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am thankful to God that I got in to this program. I am really lucky to pursue this program in communications, majoring in advertising! Well, it's a field that I was and is always keen on. Thankful that I got in to a university which is really good in this subject/area. It is also great thing that I get to study staying at home especially with a hubby to support!

Well, now this doesn't mean that everything is just happy and nice here. I am really 'Piled Higher and Deeper !'. The first class was a month ago and it was a wednesday. So, I had a philosophy class followed by an advertising class. The philosophy class was totally mind boggling (in literal sense) and didn't have any clue of what was discussed :P. The Advertising class was with on…