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A lil bit of 'I, me, myself' and some lessons I have learnt....

Life has been throwing lot of challenges and also happy somethings at me ever since I came to exist. I guess that is the way the universe connects to a person and sees how good he/she is in getting to reach or achieve their goals. Having born in to a simple and traditional family taught me true values that I still cherish and believe. With dad's transferrable service, we had to shift many schools. I have been to 8 different schools :). Yeah, this was and is one of the ways by which life taught me many lessons. I have had the chance to meet many people and every person - good or bad has helped me shape to be the person I am today.

Why am I prattling all these here?? Well, lessons in life. So here I am going to share some lessons that I learnt through 'my eyes'.

Please note that the lessons and opinions given below are just my thoughts.... its viewing life my way!

                                                                                 Picture courtesy @ Google image…