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Beautiful quotes...

One of my favourite quotes.... 
To Laugh often & much
To win the respect of intelligent people & affection of children
To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others
To leave the world a bit better - whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition
To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived
This is to have Succeeded ....
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Have a blessed week ahead. 

The Belief ...

I may be flawed, with many a dent.  I may not be just the fair one.  Nor am i the lovely dame, you may have , read in that fairy tale!  Oh! I am surely not the smarter kind, Not in math or science. I sometimes make grave mistakes, But, never repeat them all over again! 
I am just the usual plain Jane,   Who is waiting to fly- Just my way. I will color my own lovely day. In red, green and yellow hues.  I know, I look at everything, bit different than your way.  
I do want to, Silence the mocks and the laughs. I hope to tread my own path. I hope to break my own silence. 
I realize, I do have the strength, that,  I know not. And, I have the vision  To not get lost. You can think of me as one in the crowd,  But, soon you will see me standing out.
Oh, please go ahead!  Try to break, laugh, and mock at me!
But, just do remember, You can never break my belief apart.
 Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved - Meenu. 

Agonies of a broken heart...

When you lie,  I hate myself. When you break my trust,  I hate myself. When you talk behind my back, I hate myself. When you throw your tantrums, I hate myself. 
My heart yearns in your thoughts  For, I can feel the seething pain. There is fear within, Haunting nightmares, Sleepless nights,  I feel lost and all alone! 
Do you now realize  how much i love you  to not hate you? 
The hatred for self- Breaks my soul, Much worse than the hurricanes That shatters homes!
Do you now realize  how much you mean to me for, i can just not hate you? 
Neither can I sketch the pangs of my little heart, nor paint the emotions of that dreaded past. Those unceasing tears burn my eyes,  and the throbbing pain irks my forehead yet, all i can think is just you, my love.  
Do you now realize  how much i love you  to not hate you ?
I am still waiting for you to know my beat...

There is a crack in everything .... thats how light gets in!

Its been very long since i posted some scribble, prattle or may be my thoughts on this page... I guess the last post was done about 470 days ago! :D Hmm now its too long to not bother about this page.
What happened to me and why was i out of action for over a year and a half- you may wonder! I must tell you , i have changed a lot! From a single and sweet thing( most would prefer me being called a sweet devil !) , now i am a married - confused (and yet again, those who know me recently would say i am always one )soul ! I am yet to comment if thats a change for the good or the bad! These changes anyways have taught me lot. I now can see the light that shines in me - through the very imperfect cracks i have ! Let me first update you with what i was up to around the same time last year!
My work was really really tight the same time last year , so somehow i didn't update the blog. I had my very first international trip - a trip to Italy! Met a few wonderful people and they are still in …