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TRUST Yay! Long time again. i guess it has become my habit these days to visit my blog too late and then apologise, promise and yes ofcourse forget !But this time i hope it is different. I am back to stay. Blogging is what i loved and still infact but maintaining this has been lil tedious for me at least , which i think is unpardonable :) So what do i prattle, paint or preach today ? well here i am with it ...Trust What do you want to know ?Is it the ‘whys’ for my ‘no’s’;
All I can do for now is-To walk the broken path.
In you I trust , with you I walk,Please don’t break my heart and-Just walk apart.Well its not a good one really havent edited nor checked just have poured out all my thoughts ...:)
anyways catch ya guys later...Happy Night!