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Been long since i did pen something . so my thoughts went on to what should i ? Lots can be discussed, lots can be shared but then my thoughts dont let any words flow out. But finally after a long wracking of my brains i decided to write about ' being on time at work'. Well .. to start with i dont agree with this point . I agree when 'Being on time for appointments'. Else a daily trot to office should be flexi timing . All what should be expected should be getting the job completed before time/ on time. As long as one is able to do that then i dont see any reason why one should be questioned about being on time for Work!!! IT companies have that flexibilty. but most other companies dont . Yes  , i do go to office on time and most often i dont ;') i get to finish my work before the deadline (of course with all circumstances within my control) . Luckily for me i have a great boss(es) who dont question me when i am late. i get to office in my usu…