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I sat wondering at my own thoughts .. well i was down again .. battery low !!! yes my mental battery had again gone down with too much of thoughts meandering my mind restlessly. Well i was stressed with continuous work and no break types.... i wanted to spend time to work on my quizzing , start my violin again and yes reading ... but all these was in pending , or was just on a switch mode - on /off. So many instances just had gushed in my mind again when i was stressed out. And they turned bad as i was already drained and this totally sucked out my enthusiasm ... Old memories .. wouldn't be happy to use the term ' memories' as they really are not good to be held but i still wouldn't want it to be deleted from my brain. i would surely love the 'pensive' which Dumbledore used but not throw them away as i  think past can be hidden back but surely shouldn't be dumped as it is a boost in most situations to do better....While i sat thinking about how i can lead m…