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Are you a foodie ?

Food ... integral part of any life. Be it animals or human any form of life need food to continue living, working and doing something useful.There are many reasons why  i want to write this , one because i love food .. well even though i am not really someone who is specific about what i need to have everyday , as long as i eat something Veggie to suffice my hunger and do my work i am ok.  But sure if there is something special i am game! I love trying new hotels , new cuisines with only condition being what i have must not have any dead animal!! :D 

Been for a colleagues marriage and being a mallu the food served during her wedding reception was very much similar to what we usually have at home , though frankly they had missed most important dishes in the menu. 

It was a simple dinner having 'Rice', 'sambar', 'rasam' and 'sambharam'. Well side dish included 'puliinji', 'avial', 'pappadam', 'upperi' etc Then 'Paruppu payasam'. 'Olan' 'kalan' etc were missing though.  

While having the food i realized the feast is something that is indispensable in any social gathering. The crowd i saw at the dinner hall seemed lot more than i had seen at the main hall. 

Food has a very important status in any culture. Though i eat less i love to try and taste new stuff. Every state , community, country has its own traditional cuisine and India being a nation that united amidst its diversity the food available in India surely is a variety. 

I guess it is the only place in the world we have all kinds of food - be it raw, cooked, fried, baked, steam cooked , grilled etc. 

Be it any festival we have special dishes across India in different tastes and names which is to be a  'must' present for the festivity. And none of the food could go without the Indian herbs and spices. Eating food in a banana leaf with the assortment of mouthwatering tasty , tangy and spicy dishes is a must in every south Indian home - especially Kerala and Tamil Nadu(at least during marriages and festivities). 

The milk based sweet dishes and fish varieties are a treat in the east where as the thalis- veg and non -veg from the west and north is a divine 'amrut' one must try at least once. 

There are other dishes which i guess any foodie must try out - other foreign  country specialities. Except for Chinese and a bit of Continental i havent had a chance to try the same. 

So enjoy your food and yes please dont waste. Even when you go to a restaurant and find that you have got much more than what you can eat please ask them to neatly wrap it and you can hand over to some one poor for whom it could suffice for that night. So better dont use the same hand/spoon that you eat with to serve the same on to your plates so that it doesnt look like giving away used food..... 

Also wanted to share a few interesting facts on food

I guess most of us love honey (i do !!:)) Did you know that when honey is swallowed, it enters the blood stream within a period of 20 minutes.

In the United States, a pound of potato chips costs two hundred times more than a pound of potatoes- Well i am not sure of this .. Pri please confirm :) is this true ?

Bananas are the world's most popular fruit after tomatoes. In western countries, they could account for 3% of a grocer's total sales- Yuppie .. i love bananas!:)

Researchers in Australia said if you want to persuade anyone to agree with your line of thinking, serving coffee to that person may help. “Caffeine increases persuasion through instigating systematic processing of the message.” Furthermore, caffeine can help to put a person in a good mood.- So take your business partner to a coffee house and may be you get the deal done your way !:) 

Tada ...

Take care ... Good night 

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