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Are you a foodie ? Food ... integral part of any life. Be it animals or human any form of life need food to continue living, working and doing something useful.There are many reasons why  i want to write this , one because i love food .. well even though i am not really someone who is specific about what i need to have everyday , as long as i eat something Veggie to suffice my hunger and do my work i am ok.  But sure if there is something special i am game! I love trying new hotels , new cuisines with only condition being what i have must not have any dead animal!! :D Been for a colleagues marriage and being a mallu the food served during her wedding reception was very much similar to what we usually have at home , though frankly they had missed most important dishes in the menu. It was a simple dinner having 'Rice', 'sambar', 'rasam' and 'sambharam'. Well side dish included 'puliinji', 'avial', 'pappadam', 'upperi' etc T…
Oh my dear why were you so unfair?Why  implode my dreams?Why take me the way I most feared? Why convince me to go against my heart?I am now shattered,Lost and Forlorn.None realised that there is pain within, even if i did carry that dazed smile. Throbbing memories haunt the nights,I stay awake like an insomniac.Crying does not help nor does advice,Arguments and explosions happen within.Eventually I realize , I still live and I can ,i start a  fresh new life. I have chosen a new path but with a difference. I tread along with Hope as my lamp,And experience to anoint when in need.Copyright © MeenuJust another stupid poem of moi....Take care & Good night!
Is it tough to be responsible ? 
I wonder how some people always get away with all the horrible stuff they do ? Well fate or luck or whatever you name it , 'that' certainly plays a great role in making them win /shine no matter how much ever they stink ! When does man become responsible? Is this quality applicable only for things that are 'mine'.The moment we are in the world , we are responsible to the world , the nature, the species around and yes society. The organisation you work for is also something you need to act responsibly . It never may be your organisation but once you get to some power be it an executive or a CEO you become responsible. The way you carry the brand or the organization does add or negate the level of respect and name the brand or corporate conveys to the world. The work i do , the money i spend ( as a marketer) i have to be concerned and most important responsible. I cannot flaunt and behave the way i am or think just because i happen to be t…